Functional analysis of cortical neuronal networks

draguhn.jpgAndreas Draguhn

Institute for Physiology and Pathophysiology
University of Heidelberg
INF 326
69120 Heidelberg


Phone:  +49-6221-544057
Fax:  +49-06221-546364

Research Summary

Our group is interested in coordinated patterns of activity in neuronal networks. We focus on network oscillations in memory-related systems, especially the mammalian hippocampal formation. Using in vitro and in vivo electrophysiological methods, we analyze patterned activity at different system levels from single cells to freely-moving mice. Leading questions are:
- Which mechanisms underlie coherent network oscillations?
- How are cells bound into co-active ensembles?
- How do different (oscillatory) patterns overlap and interact?
- How stable or plastic are multi-neuronal network patterns?

Special interests are devoted to ectopic action potential generation in axons and to the function and plasticity of GABAergic synapses.

We cooperate with colleagues from computational neuroscience, molecular neurobiology and neuroanatomy including Hilmar Bading (Heidelberg), Heinz Beck (Bonn), Michael Frotscher (Hamburg), Martin Korte (Braunschweig), Ulrike Müller (Heidelberg), Adriano Tort (Natal, Brazil), Roger D. Traub (New York), and others.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Andreas Draguhn
Postdoctoral fellows:  Martin Both, Jurij Brankack, Claus Bruehl, Evgueni Ianovskii, Alexei Egorov
PhD students:  Pascal Geschwill, Jakob Jeßberger, Martin Kaiser, Franziska Lorenz, Jana Maurer, Christina Mayer, Peter Müller, Simon Ponsel, Vivan Nguyen Chi, Fabian Roth, Antonio Yanez, Weiwei Zhong
Lab Management:  Katja Lankisch, Tina Sackmann, Nadine Zuber
Assistance:  Susanne Bechtel
Administration:  Elke Jochum, Simone Seeger


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