Mechanisms of preclinical neurodegeneration in autoimmune optic neuritis

DiemRicarda Diem

Department of Neurology
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69120 Heidelberg
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Research Summary

Neurodegeneration is not only an important feature of multiple sclerosis (MS), but is increasingly understood to be the major pathological correlate of irreversible disease progression. However, until recently, it has been overlooked in the search for immunomodulatory therapies. Therefore, the goal of our lab is to investigate the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in autoimmune optic neuritis, a manifestation of the animal model experimental autoimmune encephalomyleitis (EAE), which reflects the inflammatory and neurodegenerative pathology of MS. Our ultimate aim is to translate potential neuroprotective therapies from this model into the clinic, as has been successfully achieved with the completion of a phase II trial (and commencement of a phase III trial) demonstrating the potential neuroprotective properties of administrating erythropoietin as an add-on therapy to methylprednisolone.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader: Ricarda Diem
Postdoctoral fellows: Richard Fairless, Sarah Williams
PhD students: Aleksandar Stojic, Jovana Bojcevski
MD students: Patricia Schmitt, Esteban Sanesteban Beceiro
Technician: Marika Dienes


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