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1.    Luque-Molina I, Shi Y, Abdullah Y, Monaco S, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Ciccolini F*
The orphan nuclear receptor TLX represses Hes1 expression, thereby affecting NOTCH signalling and lineage progression in the adult SEZ.
Stem Cell Rep. 2019 May 24. pii: S2213-6711(19) 30171-30177.

2.    Monaco S, Baur K, Hellwig A, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Ciccolini F*
A flow cytometry-based approach for the isolation and characterization of neural stem cell primary cilia.  
Front Cell Neurosci. 2019. 12: 519.

3.    Luque-Molina I, Khatri P, Schmidt-Edelkraut U, Simeonova IK, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Ciccolini F*
Bone morphogenetic protein promotes LeX-SSEA1 expression thereby interfering with neural precursor and stem cell proliferation.
Stem Cells. 2017. 35: 2417-2429.

4.    Li Y, Schmidt-Edelkraut U, Poetz F, Oliva I, Mandl C, Hölzl-Wenig G, Schönig K, Bartsch D, Ciccolini F*.
GABAAR Regulates AQP4 expression in the subependymal zone: Relevance to neural precursors and water exchange.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2015. 290: 4323-4355.

5.    Parlato R, Mandl C, Hölzl-Wenig G, Liss B, Tucker KL, Ciccolini F*.
Regulation of proliferation and histone acetylation in embryonic neural precursors by CREB/CREM signaling.
Neurogenesis. 2014. 1(1):e970883.

6.    Khatri P, Obernier K, Simeonova IK, Hellwig A, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Scholl C, Wölfl S, Winkler J, Gaspar JA, Sachinidis A, Ciccolini F*.
Proliferation and cilia dynamics in neural stem cells prospectively isolated from the SEZ.
Scientific Reports 2014. 4:3803.

7.    Carrillo-García C, Prochnow S, Simeonova I, Strelau J, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Unsicker K, von Bohlen und Halbach O, Ciccolini F*.
Growth/differentiation factor (GDF)-15 promotes EGFR signalling and it regulates proliferation and migration in the hippocampus of neonatal and young adult mice.
Development 2014. 141:773-783.

8.    Cesetti T, Ciccolini F*, Li Y.
GABA Not Only a Neurotransmitter: Osmotic Regulation by GABA(A)R Signaling.
Front Cell Neurosci. 2012 6:3.

9.    Obernier K, Simeonova I, Fila T, Mandl C, Hölzl-Wenig G, Monaghan-Nichols P, Ciccolini F*
Expression of Tlx in both stem cells and transit amplifying progenitors regulates stem cell activation and differentiation in the neonatal lateral subependymal zone.
Stem Cells. 2011 29:1415-1426.

10.    Cesetti T, Fila T, Obernier K, Bengtson CP, Li Y, Mandl C, Hölzl-Wenig G, Ciccolini F*
GABAA receptor signalling induces osmotic swelling and cell cycle activation of neonatal Prominin+ precursors.
Stem Cells 2011 29:307-319.

11.    Weber T, Baier V, Pauly R, Sahay A, Baur M, Herrmann E, Ciccolini F, Hen R, Kronenberg G, Bartsch D
Inducible gene expression in GFAP+ progenitor cells of the SGZ and the dorsal wall of the SVZ - a novel tool to manipulate and trace adult neurogenesis.
Glia 2010 59:615-626.

12.    Carrillo-García C, Suh YJ, Obernier K, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Ciccolini F*
Multipotent precursors in the anterior and hippocampal subventricular zone display similar transcription factor signatures but their proliferation and maintenance are differentially regulated.
MCN 2010 44:318-329.

13.    Suh YJ, Obernier K, Hölzl-Wenig G, Mandl C, Herrmann A, Wörner K, Eckstein V, Ciccolini F*
Interaction between DLX2 and EGFR regulates proliferation and neurogenesis of SVZ precursors.
MCN 2009 42: 308-314.

14.    Cesetti T, Obernier K, Bengtson CP, Fila T, Mandl C, Hölzl-Wenig G, Wörmer K, Eckstein V, Ciccolini F
Analysis of stem cell lineage progression in the neonatal SVZ identifies EGFR+/NG2- cells as transit-amplifying precursors.
Stem Cells 2009 27:1443-1454.

15.    Gakhar-Koppole N, Hundeshagen P, Mandl C, Weyer S, Alliquant B, Müller U, Ciccolini F*
Neuronal activity requires soluble Amyloid Precursor Protein a (sAPPa) to promote neurite outgrowth in neural stem cells derived neurons via activation of MAPK pathway
EJN 2008 28:871-882.

16.    Gakhar-Koppole N, Bengtson CP, Parlato R, Horsch K, Eckstein V, Ciccolini F*
Depolarization promotes GAD 65-mediated GABA synthesis by a post-translational mechanism in neural stem cell-derived neurons
EJN 2008 27:269-283

17.    Suh YJ, Ciccolini F
Differential effect of Dlx2 n neural precursors derived from the anterior and hippocampal SVZ J
Stem Cells Regen Med. 2007 2:66-67. eCollection

18.    Ciccolini F*, Mandl C, Holzl-Wenig G, Kehlenbach A, Hellwig
A Prospective isolation of late development multipotent precursors whose migration is promoted by EGFR
Dev Biol 2005 284:112-25.

19.    Ciccolini F, Collins TJ, Sudhoelter J, Lipp P, Berridge MJ, Bootman MD
Local and global spontaneous calcium events regulate neurite outgrowth and onset of GABAergic phenotype during neural precursor differentiation
J Neurosci 2003 23:103-11.

20.    Ciccolini F*, Svendsen CN
Neurotrophin responsiveness is differentially regulated in neurons and precursors isolated from the developing striatum.
J Mol Neurosci 2001 17:25-33.

21.    Ciccolini F*
Identification of two distinct types of multipotent neural precursors that appear sequentially during CNS development
MCN 2001 17: 895-907.

22.    Giarre M, Caldeira S, Malanchi I, Ciccolini F, Leao MJ, Tommasino M
Induction of pRb degradation by the human papillomavirus type 16 E7 protein is essential to efficiently overcome p16INK4a-imposed G1 cell cycle arrest
J Virol 2001 75: 4705-12.

23.    Bootman MD, Collins TJ, Peppiatt CM, Prothero LS, MacKenzie L, De Smet P, Travers M, Tovey SC, Seo JT, Berridge MJ, Ciccolini F, Lipp P
Calcium signalling--an overview Semin
Cell Dev Biol 2001 12:3-10.

24.    Ciccolini F*, Svendsen CN
Fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-2) promotes acquisition of epidermal growth factor (EGF) responsiveness in mouse striatal precursor cells: identification of neural precursors responding to both EGF and FGF-2
J Neurosci 1998 18: 7869-80.

25.    Braspenning J, Marchini A, Albarani V, Levy L, Ciccolini F, Cremonesi C, Ralston R, Gissmann L, Tommasino M
The CXXC Zn binding motifs of the human papillomavirus type 16 E7 oncoprotein are not required for its in vitro transforming activity in rodent cells
Oncogene 1998 16:1085-9.

26.    Zerfass K, Levy LM, Cremonesi C, Ciccolini F, Jansen-Durr P, Crawford L, Ralston R, Tommasino M
Cell cycle-dependent disruption of E2F-p107 complexes by human papillomavirus type 16 E7
J Gen Virol 1995 76: 1815-20.

27.    Ciccolini F, Di Pasquale G, Carlotti F, Crawford L, Tommasino M
Functional studies of E7 proteins from different HPV types
Oncogene 1994 9: 2633-8.

28.    Ramoni C, Dupuis ML, Cenciarelli C, Ciccolini F, Cianfriglia M.
Susceptibility of multidrug-resistant human T-lymphoblastoid CEM cell line to cell-mediated cytolysis
Ann Ist Super Sanita 1990 26:433-9.

29.    Cianfriglia M, Cenciarelli C, Barca S, Natali PG, Tombesi M, Ciccolini F
Multiply drug-resistant human CCRF-CEM T-lymphoblastoid cells have decreased amount of a 90 KDa cell surface protein
J Chemother 1989 1:1130-2.

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