Proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells

ciccolini.jpgFrancesca Ciccolini

Department of Neurobiology (IZN)
University of Heidelberg,
INF 366,
69120 Heidelberg,

Phone:  +49-6221-54 16 505
Fax:  +49-6221-54 16 524

Research Summary

Our group has a long-standing interest in neural stem cells (NSCs) and adult neurogenesis. We have developed and optimized various experimental approaches in the identification ex vivo and in vivo of different pools of NSCs in the developing and adult murine brain to determine various NSC hallmarks such as genetic signatures, cilia extension and electrophysiological properties. Our recent work points to the existence of apical and basal of NSCs in the ventricular-subventricular zone, the largest neurogenic niche of the adult brain. Apical and basal NSCs differ in terms of cytoarchitecture, gene expression and crucially their ability to contribute to olfactory bulb neurogenesis.

Other than the identification of different pools of NSCs, we are also interested in studying intrinsic, as for example the stem cell gene tailless, as well as extrinsic mechanisms, like neurotransmitter and intracellular interactions, regulating their cell cycle entry and exit into quiescence.

Our overall goal is to understand how this network of regulatory mechanisms integrates the various NSC pools thereby achieving niche homeostasis.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Francesca Ciccolini
PhD Student:  Katja Baur
Master Student:  Yomn Abdullah
Technicians:  Gabriele Hölzl-Wenig, Claudia Mandl


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