Proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells

ciccolini.jpgFrancesca Ciccolini

Department of Neurobiology (IZN)
University of Heidelberg,
INF 366,
69120 Heidelberg,

Phone:  +49-6221-54 16 505
Fax:  +49-6221-54 16 524

Research Summary

Multipotent and self-renewing neural stem cells (NSCs) in the adult mammalian brain continue to generate new neurons throughout the life span of the animal. Proliferation of NSCs in the telencephalon is regulated by temporal and regional clues, which reflect modulatory signalling interaction between the NSCs and their niche. To directly study this regulation we have developed a strategy to isolate neural stem cells from different regions of the embryonic and the adult brain. The ultimate goal of our work is to devise a strategy to identify neural stem cell behaviour in vivo.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Francesca Ciccolini
PhD Student:  Katja Baur
Master Student:  Yomn Abdullah
Technicians:  Gabriele Hölzl-Wenig, Claudia Mandl


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