Molecular and cellular basis of normal and pathologic cognition, learning and memory and mental retardation

bartsch.jpgDusan Bartsch

Department of Molecular Biology
Central Institute of Mental Health
68159 Mannheim

Phone:  +49-621-1703 6202
Fax:  +49-621- 1703 6205


Research Summary:

We study normal and pathological learning and memoryin molecular terms. Although the role of genes in basicsynaptic functions can be studied in neurons in cell culturein vitro, the role of genes in cognition can be studied onlyin the functional brain. Therefore, we create targetedand regulated genetic modifications of candidate genesspecifically in the areas of the rodent brain involved inlearning and memory. The genetically modified mice andrats are then studied using current methods of molecularbiology, electrophysiology, behavior and pharmacology

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader:  Dusan Bartsch
Postdoctoral fellows:  Stefan Berger, Kai Schönig, Robert Waltereit, Tillmann Weber
PhD students:  Vera Beier, Katrin Bartels, Sergej Kutscherjawy, Siri Malmgren
Technicians:  Ariana Frömmig , Katja Lankisch, Sabine Nescholta, Brigitte Pesold



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