Curriculum Vitae

Degree: 1984 MD, MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg and University of Heidelberg
1985-1989: Postdoctoral fellow, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
1989-1992: Postdoctoral fellow, Dept of Microbiology and Molcular Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
1993-2001: Group Leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
2001: Professor (C4) of Neurobiology,
Director, Neurobiology, IZN, University of Heidelberg
2001: Wolfgang-Paul-Prize 2001 of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation for the ‘Discovery of intracellular signaling pathways that mediate the coupling of synaptic activity to the regulation of gene expression in the nervous system’
2016: Innovation Prize of the German BioRegions
Other Activities:  
2016: Co-Founder of FundaMental Pharma GmbH, Heidelberg
2016: Founder of the Stiftung BrainAid/Foundation BrainAid, Heidelberg

Research Interests:
Hilmar Bading studies synapse-to-nucleus communication pathways that control genomic events critical for adaptive responses in the nervous system, in particular acquired neuroprotection and long-term memory. His work focuses on the role of nuclear calcium signaling in these processes and how the dialogue between synapses and the nucleus is disturbed by the stimulation of extrasynaptic NMDA receptors that initiates excitotoxicity leading to neurodegenerative diseases. He is developing new neuroprotective therapies. (

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