Signal-regulated transcription in cell adaptations and acquired neuroprotection

Bading2Hilmar Bading
Department of Neurobiology
University of Heidelberg
INF 366,
69120 Heidelberg


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Research Summary

Synaptic activity-induced changes in the concentration of intracellular calcium control many processes in neurons including gene expression. Calcium signals propagating towards the cell soma and the nucleus are key mediators of synapse-to-nucleus communication. Nuclear calcium controls CREB/CBP-dependent transcription and regulates genomic programs critical for neuronal survival, plasticity and memory.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Hilmar Bading
Postdoctoral fellows:  C. Peter Bengtson, Otto Bräunling, Bettina Buchthal, Anna Hertle, David Lau, Sara Monaco, Priit Pruunsild, Omar Ramirez
PhD students:  Gwendolyn Bauersachs, Sara Khouaja, Thomas Lissek, Kristin Oberländer, Jing Yan
Technicians:  Iris Bünzli‑Ehret, Andrea Hellwig, Ursula Weiss
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