NMDA receptor signaling in health and disease: novel neuroprotective treatment strategies

Hilmar BadingHilmar Bading
Department of Neurobiology
University of Heidelberg
INF 366,
69120 Heidelberg


Phone:  +49-6221-5416500
Fax:  +49-6221-5416524
eMail:  Hilmar.Bading@uni-hd.de
Website:  www.izn.uni-hd.de/researchgroups/bading


Research Summary

We are interested in neuronal calcium signaling in synapse-to-nucleus communication and in how neuronal activity-regulated gene expression leads to neuroprotection and other adaptive responses in the brain including memory formation. Based on studies of toxic extrasynaptic NMDA receptor signaling, we are developing broad-spectrum neuroprotectants.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Hilmar Bading
Postdoctoral fellows:  C. Peter Bengtson, Anna Hertle, Priit Pruunsild, Omar Ramirez, Jing Yan
PhD students:  Hong Zhang
Technicians:  Iris Bünzli‑Ehret, Andrea Hellwig, Ursula Weiss
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