C-FACS terms and conditions

Flow cytometry services can be offered only for biological material that meets protection level S1 safety conditions.


Users of the facility must comply with the legal guidelines regulating the use of hazardous substances, biomaterial and genetic manipulation (Gefahrstoffverordnung, Biostoffverordnung and Gentechnik-Sicherheitsverordnung) at the University of Heidelberg and are expected to disclose all the relevant information concerning the safety of the samples and animals that will be introduced in the facility. Users who wish to introduce animal models in the facility must comply with the local law regulating animal welfare (Tierschutzgesetz from the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe) and hold a valid animal health certificate.


Only authorized users will be allowed to operate the cell sorter. Authorization will be provided by our FACS operator Ms. Gabriele Hölzl-Wenig after adequate training. Ms. Hölzl-Wenig will be encharged with all the sorting experiments for non-authorized users.


All laboratory equipment must be kept clean and in good operating condition.


All services including use of reagents and equipment are subjected to a charge. Charges are in line with the guidelines provided by the German Research Council (DFG) for the use of core facilities.


Data will be handled as strictly confidential and stored on our service for up to one year. Users are responsible for long-term storage of data.


If data generated at C-FACS are used for manuscript and grant submission, users should acknowledge our contribution.



Prices below indicate costs in euros per hour of instrument usage for flow cytometry and for one week for cell culture services. Sample preparation costs are calculated based on the preparation of 1 ml of sort sample. Cell culture charges are based on the preparation of 10 ml culture medium.

Rates Independent Users IZN and SFB
Flow cytometry (€/h) 80 40
Sample preparation and staining (1 ml) 3 2
Cell culture (10 ml, 1 week) 10 8


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