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Staff Mobility for Teaching in Partner Countries

Staff Mobility for Teaching

Erasmus+ encourages guest lecturers to undertake periods of teaching at European partner universities which hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Teaching abroad enables guest lecturers to strengthen the European dimension at host universities, where lecturers will contribute to the courses offered and communicate their specialist knowledge to students who do not wish, or who are unable, to study abroad.

Where possible, the partner universities should develop shared programmes of study and exchange teaching content and methods. Staff from companies and organisations located abroad may also be invited to teach in German universities.

Professors and lecturers who have a contractual relationship with a university, as well as academic staff, may however, be given priority for funding. Following consultation, and with the explicit approval of the institute or ERASMUS coordinators, unpaid lecturers, contracted teaching staff, emirate professors and retired teaching staff, as well as business personnel, may also receive funding.


Requirements for Funding

Lecturers in a fixed contract of employment with Heidelberg University may apply to the ERASMUS Staff Mobility for Teaching programme. Teaching stays within Europe last between two days and two months (excluding travel time); the alloted teaching time must total a minimum of eight hours per stay or per started week. The courses taught should be integrated into the curriculum of the faculty at the receiving institution and should be coordinated with the host university, as well as with the individual faculty. A contractual agreement concerning the teaching planned by visiting staff must be signed by both parties. New ERASMUS contracts for the Staff Mobility for Teaching programme should be discussed with the ERASMUS coordinators for the subjects concerned. The relevant form for ERASMUS contracts is available for download via the International Relations Office.

Funding includes a daily allowance and covers travel expenses. Additional funding is available for funded individuals with children and for individuals with a disability.


Deadlines and Application

Applications for funding for a guest lectureship must be submitted to the International Relations Division four weeks prior to the beginning of the mobility period. Applications must contain the following information:

  • Name of the lecturer / professor from Heidelberg University, subject area, signature
  • Name of the host university, country
  • Intended teaching
  • Planned time: duration and month


Daily Allowance

Countries are categorised in four groups to determine the amount of daily allowance received for as part of the Staff Mobility for Teaching programme.

Group 1: EUR 160 per day
Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden

Group 2: EUR 140 per day
Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus

Group 3: EUR 120 per day

Germany (incomer),Latvia , Malta, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain

Group 4 EUR 100 per day
Estonia, Croatia,Lithuania , Slovenia


Travel Expenses

The amount reimbursed for travel expenses depends on the actual distance between the home institution and the host institution. All distances travelled within Europe are calculated using the same calculation tool (see “distance calculator”, right-hand column).

100 km - 499 km: EUR 180

500 km - 1,999 km: EUR 275

2,000 km - 2,999 km: EUR 360

3,000 km - 3,999 km: EUR 530

4,000 km - 7,999 km: EUR 820

8,000 km or more: EUR 1,100

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