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Related Information

Please note that your Transcript of Records has to be certified before your departure.


Important Documents

Learning Agreement

A Learning Agreement is a programme of study that you draw up with your programme coordinator, listing module name and credits for each of the classes you will attend during your stay in Heidelberg.

In addition to this, every department publishes a Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis of its own before each semester. They contain detailed descriptions of the courses on offer, provide a reading list, and indicate the number of credits students may receive. These annotated course catalogues are also extremely useful as a source of information on courses for which you wish to receive credit after returning home. They can be bought at the appropiate department or through the programme coordinator. Many Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse are only available on the homepages of the various departments.


Transcript of Records

At the end of your studies in Heidelberg, your results have to be certified on a document called the transcript of records. This document lists all the courses that you have attended. You will usually need to state which classes you have attended in a special form ”Transcript of Records”. Your department coordinator will then sign the transcript after you present your certificates (Scheine).

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