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Responsibilities and Mission

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"Personal conversations are very important to me. I think that communication is the main task of an executive.“
Dr. Angela Kalous

The university administration provides services for researchers and students. As Vice-President Finance and Personnel and head of the university administration, it is a matter of particular concern to me and my staff to improve the overall conditions for research, teaching and successful studies. An excellent university needs an excellent administration.

To meet the high expectations of the members of the university, we need to continuously develop and refine our services, despite scarce financial resources and legal constraints. In this context, recruiting deserves special attention. It is vital for Heidelberg University to attract the best researchers and students from Germany and abroad. The same applies to employees in the administration. As the university reaches its financial limits when filling positions, we need to make our working conditions even more attractive. This includes enabling a good work life balance and supporting spouses in seeking appropriate positions. The university administration has continuously expanded this service area.

The President’s Office and the university’s committees need the professional support of the administration to be able to take the right decisions in a rapidly changing environment. A newly created department in the university administration is currently developing the field of reporting, which allows the university to better determine its coordinates and set a clear course. Another new responsibility is supporting students as they introduce and implement the Constituted Student Body.

The lack of basic funding at the university is a major challenge facing Heidelberg University over the next few years. Financial planning and suitable resource management are key tasks that will become even more important in future.


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