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The IBF offers the posibility to order vehicular animal transports for scientists or groups without  a car.

There are two categories of transports that the IBF offers:

  1. Transports within the campus of Neuenheim
  2. Transports for experimental purposes beyond the campus of Neuenheim

Following prices and conditions apply:

  1. Within: 15€ per transport
  2. Beyond: staff costs for an animal technician and kilometers driven.

Maximum range of transport is Mannheim.

Do you need a transport? Please complete the following form:

Then send the completed form and the animal order (animal order KEB or from Tierbase) to:

Be advised:

  • Transports have to be ordered 2 days in advance  (till 14 o'clock)
  • Earliest delivery generally 08:30
  • Please take care to add either the animal order (if your animals are in the unit) or the delivery order from the KEB to your transport order in order to ensure that the right animals are delivered.
  • The person that receives the animals must be obvious from the sheet. You also need to provide a contact partner plus telephone number. Also the place of delivery should be obvious.


See our checklist (translation will follow) for a better overview.

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