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Bodies and Commissioners

Senate Committees

Advisory Senate Committee for the Award of "apl. Prof." (PDF) (Ger)

Award to Germany (PDF) (Ger)

Ethics Commission I (PDF) (Ger)

Ethics Commission II (PDF) (Ger)

Joint Commission Transcultural Studies (GKTS) (PDF) (Ger)

Basic Order Commission (PDF) (Ger)

Marsilius Studies Committee (PDF) (Ger)

Commission for the Safeguarding of Good Academic Practice (PDF) (Ger)

Ombudsmen for Good Academic Practice (PDF) (Ger)

Combined Faculty for Maths and Science (PDF) (Ger)

Senate Committee for Equal Opportunities (PDF) (Ger)

Senate Committee Teaching (PDF) (Ger)

Senate Commissioners for Quality Development Student Affairs and Teaching (Pool) (PDF) (Ger)

Senate Commissioners for Quality Development - Young Researchers (PDF) (Ger)

Senate Committee for the Olympia Morata program (PDF) (Ger)

Foundation Board of the "United Academic Foundation Management" of Heidelberg University and Foundation Board of the "Unterländer Academic Fund" of Heidelberg University (PDF) (Ger)

Confidentiality Commission (PDF) (Ger)

Registration Committee for Restricted-entry Study Programmes (PDF) (Ger)


President's Commissions

'Quality Management in Student Affairs' working group (Ger)

Commission for Research and Strategy

President's Commission Partnerschaftliches Verhalten (Ger)

President's Commission for the "Studium Generale" lecture series (Ger)

Central Commission for Quality Assurance Funds (Ger)


Student Representatives

Constituted Student Body

Student Council

Departmental Student Committees

Student Groups (list of the student services organisation) (Ger)

Student Initiatives and Groups (list in the "Jungle Book") (Ger)

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