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About the Law and Committees Division

Cornelia Stöcklein
„My colleagues and I find it much more rewarding to provide counsel and help create solutions early on, rather than remedy problems after the fact or conduct a lawsuit. It’s such a pleasure to unite conflicting interests through an amicable solution.“
Cornelia Stöcklein

The staff of the Law and Committees Division lend their legal expertise to the university administration and, in particular, advise and support academics, researchers, and other members of the university with respect to legal issues. The spectrum of services ranges from facilitating research plans and projects to representing the interests of the university in disputes both in and out of court. Whatever the issue, the division is firmly committed to finding the solution that is best suited to the responsibilities of the university and its members.

Not lastly, Heidelberg University also defines itself through its numerous research and university collaborations, which the division administers in accordance with their specific goals and the university’s overall strategy. Further, an institution is only as strong as all of its members. In that spirit, the division has embraced new areas of endeavour within the university, working intensively with the students in establishing the constituted student body and allocating quality assurance funds.

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