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About the Internal Auditing Staff Unit

Dirk Gabriel
„Study, review and consulting are the basis for continuous improvement and optimised processes and structures. Internal Auditing thus makes a positive contribution to science, research and teaching.“ Dirk Gabriel

The aim of the Internal Auditing Staff Unit is to advise scientists and scholars as well as all other members of the university and promote an understanding and appreciation for compliance with existing regulations and guidelines. One important goal is ensuring that institutes and central institutions are well prepared for external audits and pass them with confidence.

Internal Auditing serves as a liaison between the State Court of Audit, other external auditors and university institutions. It centrally coordinates external auditing procedures and assists the institutes in preparing data in a suitable form.

One of its main tasks is preparing EU audits. Unlike many other universities, Heidelberg University did not consign this responsibility to an outside auditing agency, thus allowing Heidelberg researchers to be optimally involved and ensure their interests are appropriately represented.

Heidelberg scientists and scholars have enjoyed great success in obtaining ERC grants – a challenging process for Internal Auditing, as the EU has very strict guidelines on the use of those funds and requires thorough proof of the use of aid.

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