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Jürgen Brachmann
“We tend to work in the background – I take these internal responsibilities very seriously. I make sure that those working in university administration feel comfortable and safe in their work environment.“
Jürgen Brachmann

The Managing Officer oversees central services for the administration and academic operations of Ruperto Carola. The staff unit, which reports to the university registrar, manages the print shop, mailroom and scheduling of Haus Buhl. It is also tasked with establishing good general conditions and an effectively organised environment for university administration employees. Continuous improvement of internal procedures simplifies the work of the individual divisions, enabling them to efficiently support the academic and scientific institutions. One major challenge is providing adequate work space for administration employees. While the tasks of the university administration, and thus the number of personnel, continues to grow, available space is limited.

The Manager Officer sees himself as a point of contact and service provider who crafts solutions to problems that employees cannot tackle alone or within the framework of their departments. With his precise knowledge of the university’s organisational structure, the Managing Officer mediates and moderates cross-divisional or -institutional processes and projects, establishes contacts and directs queries to the appropriate parties.


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