Closer in context
Press Review


Director's Notes

"All the language is old, there are no new words... I love you" says Dan at some point during the play. While "Closer" is a play set in the 90's, dealing with modern people in the time of the internet and full of words that would not have been in a play just a few years ago, the themes are as old and universal as you can get.

"Closer" is a play about love. Throughout its twelve scenes the interplay of love, companionship, passion, sexual desire and human isolation are exposed with "clinical observation" - as Larry would phrase it. The intertwined love lives of the four characters show the desperate need for—and the fear of—getting "closer". To love and to be loved is ultimately what everyone wants in the play.  But at the same time, it is love that leads to selfishness, betrayal, fear, jealousy, competition and games, ultimately making the romantic relationship a hell for the human heart. When Alice asks, "Why isn't love enough?" she poses the central question of the play.

The different encounters between Anna, Alice, Dan and Larry are portrayed without any attempt at moralizing or taking sides. None of the characters is a saint, a villain or merely a player. They are all real and extremely vulnerable. It is that they are so very human that makes them special—not only when they hurt themselves but also when they are causing those who love them unbearable pain. This is both the torment and the hope of the play. 

The rehearsal period for this play was short and intensive. It was a joy to work with a group of fine, hard-working actors, a dedicated assistant director, an efficient producer and some very competent designers. Thank you all for being part of this production.

Ricarda Klüßendorf