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Faculty of Biosciences > Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology > IPMB, Department Biology


Summary of our main research activities (AK Wink)


Pharmacology, Pytomedicine
Plant Secondary metabolism, cell cultures, biotechnology

  • R&D of biorational plant protectants (natural insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, molluscicides)
  • R&D of phytopharmaceuticals (plant drugs)
  • R&D of nutraceuticals
  • Production of bioactive compounds by in vitro methods (root, cell cultures, transformed hairy root cultures)
  • R&D of molecular markers for DNA diagnostics

Bioactive natural products (alkaloids, terpenoids, saponins, isoflavones, glycosides)

Phytochemistry: Terpenoids, Phenolics, Alkaloids (exept PAs and QAs)
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Lupins and quinolizidine alkaloids

  • Isolation and characterisation
  • Capillary GLC, HPLC
  • Quality control for quinolizidine (lupin),pyrrolizidine and solanum alkaloids and other natural products and toxins

Pharmacology & toxicology of natural products or phytopharmaceutical drugs

Pharmacology, Pytomedicine

  • Determination of the mode of action (elucidation of molecular targets), e.g. binding to neuroreceptors, interaction with ion channels and other elements of signal transduction, DNA, RNA, protein biosynthesis, biomembranes, haemolysis, enzyme inhibition, Antioxidants, GSK
  • Modulation of telomerase in tumour cells
  • Modulation of ABC transporters by natural products
  • Induction of apoptosis or necrosis by natural products in tumour cells and trypanosomes
  • HET-CAM assay for anti-inflammatory activities, angiogenesis, irritation
  • Antidiabetic and estrogenic properties of natural products
  • Uptake of biogenic compounds into cells (CaCo2, etc); study of diffusion and transport mechanisms

    Chemical Ecology


    Chemical Ecology
  • Role & evolution of secondary metabolites in plants and herbivores
  • Induction of secondary metabolite formation by wounding or herbivory
  • Evolution of tolerance or insensitivity towards acquired defence chemicals in herbivores
  • Coevolution between plants and insects
  • Geophagy as a strategy to detoxify diets rich in secondary metabolites
  • Degradation of dietary secondary metabolites by ruminants and slugs

Molecular evolution / molecular ecology

Evolution general
Phylogeny birds; molecular ecology
Phylogeny Reptiles
Phylogeny Fishes
Phylogeny Insects
Phylogeny Oligochaeta
Phylogeny Plants

Ion channels and transporters

Pharmacology, Pytomedicine

  • Isolation, characterisation, cloning and expression of membrane transporters
  • Proteomics of membrane proteins
  • Role of ABC transporters for uptake or export of drugs
  • Uptake mechanism of secondary metabolites across intestinal epithelia
responsible: Director
last update: 17.07.2008