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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.

Secondary metabolites:
Cytotoxicity (tumor cells, trypanosomes), synergistic activity

Ashour M.L., M. Z. El-Readi, R. Hamoud, S. Y. Eid, S. H. El Ahmady, E. Nibret, F. Herrmann, M. Youns, A. Tahrani, D. Kaufmann and M. Wink.: Antiinfective and cytotoxic properties of Bupleurum marginatum (Apiaceae). Chinese Medicine, 9:4; 1-10, 2014
Ashour, M. L., M. Z. El-Readi, A. Tahrani, S. Eid and M. Wink: A novel cytotoxic aryltetraline lactone from Bupleurum marginatum (Apiaceae). Phytochemistry letters, 5: 387–392, 2012
Ashour, M. M. Z. El-Readi, M. Youns, S. Mulyaningsih, F. Sporer,T. Efferth, M. Wink: Chemical composition and biological activities of the essential oil obtained from Bupleurum marginatum (Apiaceae). Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology,61, 1079-1087, 2009
Efferth T. ; F. Herrmann, A. Tahrani and M. Wink: Cytotoxic activity of secondary metabolites from Artemisia annua L. towards cancer cells in comparison to its designated active constituent artemisinin. Phytomedicine 18:959– 969, 2011
Eid S.Y., M.Z. El-Readi, S.H. Fatani, E.E.M.N. Eldin, M. Wink: Natural Products Modulate the Multifactorial Multidrug Resistance of Cancer. Pharmacology & Pharmacy 6, 146-176, 2015
Eid, S. Y., M. Z. El-Readi, Eldin E. E. M. N., Fatani, S. H., M. Wink.: Influence of combinations of digitonin with selected phenolics, terpenoids, and alkaloids on the expression and activity of P-glycoprotein in leukemia and colon cancer cells. Phytomedicine, 21, 47-61, 2013
Eid, S. Y., M Z El-Readi, M Wink: Digitonin synergistically enhances the cytotoxicity of plant secondary metabolites in cancer cells. Phytomedicine 19, 1307-1314, 2012
Eid, S. Y., M. Z. El-Readi, M. Wink: Synergism of three-drug combinations of sanguinarine and other plant secondary metabolites with digitonin and doxorubicin in multi-drug resistant cancer cells. Phytomedicine, 19: 1288-1297, 2012
Eid, S., El-Readi, MZ, M.L. Ashour,M. Wink: Fallopia japonica, a natural modulator, can overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Article ID 868424,8 pages;, 2015
El-Readi, M. Z., Eid, S. Y., Ashour M.L., Tahrani, A., Wink, M.: Modulation of multidrug resistance in cancer cells by chelidonine and Chelidonium majus alkaloids. Phytomedicine, 20, 282-294, 2013
Flaig, R., Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M. Fricker, G.: Ktenate nanoparticles (bdellosomes): A novel strategy for targetting drugs to parasites, tumours or tissues. Journal of Drug delivery Science and Technology 15, 59-63, 2005
Hellmann, J. K. , S. Münter, M. Wink, F. Frischknecht: Synergistic and additive effects of epigallocatechin gallate and digitonin on Plasmodium sporozoite survival and motility. PLoS ONE 5(1): e8682. doi:10. 1371/journal. pone. 0008682
Herrmann, F., M. R. Romero, A. G. Blazquez, S. Kahl, D. Kaufmann, J. J. G. Marin, T. Efferth, M. Wink: Cytotoxicity and antiviral screening of 82 plants from Chinese and European phytomedicine. Diversity 3, 547-580, 2011
Herrmann, F., R. Hamoud, F. Sporer, A. Tahrani, M. Wink: Carlina oxide- a natural polyacetylene from Carlina acaulis (Asteraceae) with potent antitrypanosomal and antimicrobial properties. Planta Medica 77, 1905-191, 2011
Herrmann, F., Sporer, F., A. Tahrani, M. Wink: Antitrypanosomal properties of Panax ginseng CA Meyer – new possibilities for a remarkable traditional drug! Phytotherapy Research 27: 86-98, 2013
Herrmann, F., Wink, M.: Synergistic interactions of saponins and monoterpenes in HeLa and Cos7 cells and in erythrocytes. Phytomedicine 18, 1191-1196, 2011
Holtrup, F., Bauer, A., Fellenberg, K., Hilger, R. A., Wink, M., and Hoheisel, J. D.: Microarray analysis of nemorosone-induced cytotoxic effects on pancreatic cancer cells reveals activation of the unfolded protein response (UPR). British Journal of Pharmacology 162, 1045-1059, 2011
Krstin, S., M. Wink: Combinationsof alkaloids affecting different molecular targets with the saponin digitonin can synergistically enhance a trypanocidal activity against Trypanosoma brucei brucei
Merschjohann, K., Sporer, F., Steverding, D., Wink, M.: In vitro effect of alkaloids on bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei and T. congolense. Planta Medica 67, 623-627, 2001
Möller, M., Wink, M.: Characteristics of apoptosis induction by the alkaloid emetine in human tumor cell lines. Planta medica 73, 1-8, 2007
Naglaa S. Ashmawy, M. L. Ashour, M. El-Shazly, R. M. Labib, M. M. Algandaby, A. B. Abdel-Naim, Rong- Fang Chang, M. Wink, N. A. Ayoub: Phytoestrogenic and hepatoprotective activity of Erythrina crista-galli and isolation of a new flavone glycoside
Nibret E., Wink, M.: In vitro antitrypanosomal and cytotoxic activities of four Artemisia species (Asteraceae) from Ethiopia. Phytomedicine 17, 369-374, 2010
Nibret, E., Ashour, M., Rubanza, C. D., Wink, M.: Antitrypanosomal and cytotoxic activities of some Tanzanian medicinal plants. Phytotherapy Research 24, 45-47 2010
Nibret, E., Sporer, F., Asres, K., Wink, M.: Antitrypanosomal and cytotoxic activities of pyrrolizidine alkaloid producing plants of Ethiopia. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 61, 801-808, 2009
Nibret, E., Wink, M.: In vitro evaluations of 30 Ethiopian medicinal plant extracts against trypanosomes (Trypanosoma b. brucei) and human leukaemia cells (HL-60). - Z. Naturforsch. 66 c, 541 – 546, 2011
Nibret, E., Wink, M.: Trypanocidal and antileukaemic effects of the essential oils of Hagenia abyssinica, Leonotis ocymifolia, Moringa stenopetala, and their main individual constituents. Phytomedicine 17, 911-920, 2010
Nkemgu-Njinkeng, J., Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M., Steverding, D.: Antitrypanosomal activity of proteasome inhibitors. Antimicrobial agents & Chemotherapy 46, 2038-2040, 2002
Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M.: Alkaloids induce programmed cell death in bloodstream forms of Trypanosomes (Trypanosoma b. brucei). Molecules 13, 2462-2473, 2008
Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M.: Induction of apoptosis by alkaloids in human promyelotic HL-60 cells. Z. Naturforschung- J. Bioscience 62c, 458-466, 2007
Rug, M., Sporer, F., Wink, M., Liu, S. Y., Henning, R., & Ruppel, A.: Molluscicidal properties of J. curcas against vector snails of the human parasites Schistosoma mansoni and S. japonicum. In: Biofuel and Industrial Products from Jatropha curcas. (G. M. Gübitz, M. Mittelbach & M. Trabi, eds.) pp 227-232, Dbv-Verlag Univ. Graz, 1997
Schabacker, J., T. Schwend, M. Wink.: Reduction of acrylamide uptake by dietary proteins in a CaCo-2 gut model. J. Agricultural Food Chemistry 52, 4021-4025, 2004
Schmeller, T., Latz-Brüning, B. & Wink, M.: Biochemical activities of berberine, palmatine and sanguinarine mediating chemical defence against microorganisms and herbivores. Phytochemistry 44, 257-266, 1997
Schwend, T., M. Möller, J. Schabacker, T. Ruppert & M. Wink: Alkylation of adenosine deaminase and thioredoxin by acrylamide in human cell cultures. Zeitschrift f. Naturforschung- J. Bioscience 64c, 447-453, 2009
Schwend, T., Schabacker, J., Wetterauer, B., Wink, M.: Active uptake of S-propionamide-cysteine by Caco-2 cells Z. f. Naturforschung-J. Bioscience 63c, 913-918, 2008
Su S., X. Cheng and M. Wink: Cytotoxicity of arctigenin and matairesinol against the T-cell lymphoma cell line CCRF-CEM. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 2015
Sudji I.R., M. Wink: Digitonin synergistically enhances the cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs in several cancer cell lines
Sun Y.F., Wink M.: Tetrandrine and fangchinoline, bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from Stephania tetrandra, are can reverse multidrug resistance by inhibiting P-glycoprotein activity in multidrug resistant human cancer cells. Phytomedicine 21, 1110–1119, 2014
Liu, F. Sporer, M. Wink, Jourdane, J. Hennig,R., Li, Y. L. & A. Ruppel: Anthraquinones in Rheum palmatum and Rumex dentatus (Polygonaceae) and phorbolesters from Jatropha curcas (Euphorbiaceae) with molluscicidal activity against schistosomias vector snails Oncomelania, Biomphalaria and Bulinus. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2, 179-188, 1997
Wink, M.: Trypanosoma theileri: In vitro cultivation in tsetse fly and vertebrate cell culture systems. International Journal Parasitology 9, 585-589, 1979
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