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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.

Secondary metabolites - Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Abd El-kader, A. M., El-Readi, M. Z., Ahmed, A. S., Nafady, A. M., Wink, M. and Ibraheim, Z. Z.: Polyphenols from aerial parts of Polygonum bellardii and their biological activities. Pharmaceutical Biology 51, 8, 1026-1034, 2013
Arnold E., T. Benz, C. Zapp and M. Wink: Inhibition of phospholipase A2α (PLA2α) by medicinal plants in relation to their phenolic content. Molecules 2015, 20, 15033-15048, 2015
Chrubasik, S. & Wink, M.: Rheumatherapie mit Phytopharmaka. Hippokrates-Verlag, 1997
Chrubasik, S., Sporer, F., Dillmann-Marschner, R., Friedmann, A., Wink, M.: Physicochemical properties of harpagoside and its in vitro release from Harpagophytum procumbens extract tablets. Phytomedicine 6, 469-473, 2000
Chrubasik, S., Sporer, F., Wink, M. Zum Harpagosidgehalt verschiedener Trockenextraktpulver aus Harpagophytum procumbens. Forsch. Komplementärmed. 3, 6-11, 1996
 Chrubasik, S., Sporer, F., Wink, M.: Zum Wirkstoffgehalt in Arzneimitteln aus Harpagophytum procumbens. Forsch. Komplementärmed. 3, 57-63, 1996
Chrubasik, S., Sporer, F., Wink, M.: Zum Wirkstoffgehalt in Teezubereitungen aus Harpagophytum procumbens. Forsch. Komplementärmed. 3, 116-119, 1996
Chrubasik, S., Wink, M.: Traditional herbal therapy for the treatment of rheumatic pain: preparations from Devil’s Claw and stinging nettle. Pain Digest 8, 94-101, 1998
Chrubasik, S., Wink, M.: Phytopharmaka bei Störungen und Erkrankungen des Nervensystems; Romneya Verlag, 1998
 Chrubasik, S., Wink, M.: Treatment of osteoarthritic pain with herbal drugs. In „Management of Pain. A world perspective III., J. A. de Vera, W. Parris & S. Erdine eds. Monduzzi, Bologna, pp. 507-514, 1998
Chrubasik,S.,& M. Wink: Zur pharmakologischen Wirkung der Teufelskralle (Harpagophytum procumbens) Forsch. Komplementärmed. 2, 323-325, 1995
Dehshahri, S. ; M Wink, S Afsharypuor, G Asghari, A Mohagheghzadeh: Antioxidant activity of methanolic leaf extract of Moringa peregrina (Forssk.) Fiori. Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7: 111-118, 2012
El-Domiaty, M. M., M. Wink, M. M. Abdel Aal, M. M. Abou-Hashem, R. H. Abd-Alla: Antihepatotoxic Activity and Chemical Constituents of Buddleja asiatica Lour Z. f. Naturforschung-J. Bioscience 64c, 11-19, 2009
Hamdan D. I., M. F. Mahmoud, M. Wink and A. M. El Shazly:  Effect of hesperidin and neohesperidin frombittersweet orange (Citrus aurantium var. bigaradia) peel on indomethacin-induced peptic ulcers in rats. Enviromental Toxicology and Pharmacology 37, 907 – 915, 2014
Hamdan D.I., M. Wink and A. M. El Shazly: Secondary metabolites isolated from the dichloromethane extract of Rough Lemon stem and hepatoprotective effect of limonianin. British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 4, 1963-1975, 2014
Hamdan, D., M. L. Ashour, S. Mulyaningsih, A. El-Shazly and M. Wink: Chemical composition of the essential oils of Variegated Pink Lemon (Citrus x limon L. Burm. f.) and their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, 68c, 275 − 284, 2013
Hamdan, D., M. El-Readi, E, Nibret., Sporer, F., N. Farrag, El-Shazly, A., Wink, M.: Chemical composition of the essential oils of two Citrus species and their biological activity. Die Pharmazie 65, 141-147, 2010
Hamdan, D., M. Z. El-Readi, A. Tahrani, F. Herrmann, D. Kaufmann, N. Farrag, El-Shazly, A., Wink, M.: Chemical composition and biological activity of Citrus jambhiri Lush. Food Chemistry, 127, 394-403, 2011
Hamdan, D., M. Z. El-Readi, E, Nibret, Tahrani, A., Herrmann, F., Kaufmann, D., N. Farrag, El-Shazly, A., Wink, M.: Secondary metabolites of Ponderosa lemon (Citrus pyriformis Hassk; Rutaceae) and their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities. Z. f. Naturforschung, J. Bioscience 66: 385-393
 Ibieta, P. & Wink, M.: Binding of flavonoids from Sophora flavescens to rat uterine estrogen receptor. Planta Medica 71, 1065-1068, 2005
Ibieta, P. A., Y. Zu, Y. -J. Fu, Wink, M.: Binding of phytoestrogens to estrogen receptor and human sex hormone-binding globulin. Z. f. Naturforschung; Journal of Bioscience 60c, 649-656, 2005
Kaufmann, D., F. Herrmann, M. Wink: Extracts from traditional chinese medical plants inhibit glycogen synthase kinase 3β activity, a potential alzheimer target-ms
Kaufmann, D., Kaur Dogra, A., Wink, M.: Myrtenal inhibits acetylcholinesterase, a known Alzheimer target. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 63, 1368-1371, 2011
Körper, S., Wink, M., & Fink, R. A.: Differential effects of alkaloids on sodium currents of isolated single skeletal muscle fibres. FEBS Letters 436, 251-255, 1998
Mahmoud M., D. Hamdan, M. Wink, A. El Shazly: Naringin and rutin prevent d-galactosamine-induced hepatic injury in rats via attenuation of the inflammatory cascade and oxidative stress. European Scientific Journal 9, 151-155, 2013
Mahmoud, M., Hamdan, D., Wink, M., El-Shazly, A.: Naringin and rutin prevent D-galactosamine-induced hepatic injury in rats via attenuation of the inflammatory cascade and oxidative stress. European Scientific Journal, 9, 30, 1857-7881, 2013
Mahmoud, M., Hamdan, D., Wink, M., El-Shazly, A.: Hepatoprotective effect of limonin, a natural limonoid from the seed of Citrus aurantium var. bigaradia, on D-galactosamine-induced liver injury in rats. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch Pharmacol. DOI 10.1007/s00210-013-0937-1, 2013
Mamadalieva, N., Z., Herrmann, F., El-Readi, Z. M., Tahrani, A., Hamoud, R., Egamberdieva, D., Azimova, S., S., Wink, M.: Flavonoids in Scutellaria immaculata and S. ramosissima (Lamiaceae) and their biological activities. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 63, 1346-1357, 2011
Mamadalieva, N. Z., El-Readi, M. Z., Janibekov, A. A., Tahrani, A., and Wink, M.: Phytoecdysteroids of Silene guntensis and their in vitro cyototxic and antioxidant Activity. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 66c, 215-224, 2011
Mamadalieva, N. Z., Sharopov, F., Girault, J.-P., Wink, M. and Lafont, R.: Phytochemical analysis and bioactivity of the aerial parts of Abutilon theophrasti (Malvaceae), a medicinal weed. Natural Product Research,, 2014
Mamadalieva NZ, V Vinciguerra,M Sobeh, E Ovidi, M L. Ashour, M Wink, A Tiezzi:GLC-MS profiling of non-polar extracts from Phlomis bucharica and P. salicifolia and their cytotoxicity
 Mamadalieva, N. Z., M. Z. El-Readi, E. Ovidi, M. L. Ashour, R. Hamoud, S. S. Sagdullaev S. S. Azimova, A. Tizzi, M. Wink: Antiproliferative, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the chemical constituents of Ajuga turkestanica. Phytopharmacology, 4, 1-18, 2013
 Margl, L., Tei, A., Gyurjan, I., Wink, M.: GLC and GLC-MS Analysis of Thiophene Derivatives in Plants and in in vitro Cultures of Tagetes patula L. (Asteraceae). Z. f. Naturforschung; Journal of Bioscience 57, 63-71, 2002
Minas, S., Wink, M.: Wirkung und Wirkmechanismen von Phyto-Psychopharmaka. In Phytopharmaka bei Störungen und Erkrankungen des Nervensystems. (S. Chrubasik & M. Wink, eds) pp. 51-64, 1998
Möller, M., Herzer, K., Wenger, T., I. Herr & M. Wink.: The alkaloid emetine as a promising agent for the induction and enhancement of drug-induced apoptosis in leukaemia cells. Oncology Reports, 14, 737-744, 2007
Nibret, E., Youns, M., Krauth-Siegel, R. L., Wink, M.: Biological activities of xanthatin from Xanthium strumarium leaves. Phytotherapy Research 25, 1883-1890, 2011
Pakalapati, G. M. Wink, L Li, N. Gretz, E.: Koch Influence of Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) isoflavones on gene and protein expression profiles in liver of ovariectomized rats. Phytomedicine 16, 845-855, 2009
Walstab, J. C Wohlfarth, R Hovius, S Schmitteckert, R Röth, F Lasitschka, M Wink, H Bönisch, B Niesler.: Natural compounds boldine and menthol are antagonists of human 5-HT3 receptors: implications for treating functional gastrointestinal disorders. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 26, 810-820, 2014
Wink, M., Latz-Brüning, B., & Schmeller, T.: Biochemical effects of allelopathic alkaloids. In „Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology“ (Inderjit, K. M. M. Dakshini & C. L. Foy, eds.) CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA pp. 411-438, 1999
Wink, M., Latz-Brüning, B.: Allelopathic properties of alkaloids and other natural products: Possible modes of action. In Allelopathy: Organisms, processes and applications" Inderjit, K. M. M. Dakshini, F. A. Einhellig, eds; ACS Symp. Ser. 582, 117-126, 1995
Amer. Chem. Soc. Washington, DC  Wink, M., Schmeller, T., & Latz-Brüning, B.: Modes of action of allelochemical alkaloids: Interaction with neuroreceptors, DNA and other molecular targets. J. Chemical Ecology 24, 1881-1937, 1998
Wu N., Zu Y. G., Fu Y. J. E., Kong Y., Zhao J. T., Li X. J., Li J.,Wink, M.: Efferth: T Antioxidant Activities and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Effects of Extracts and Main Polyphenolic Compounds Obtained from Geranium sibiricum L JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRy. 58, 4737-4743, 2010
 Zhao, JinTong; Ma, DanHui; Luo, Meng; Wang, W., Zhao, CJ, Zu, YG, Fu, YJ., Wink, M.: In vitro antioxidant activities, antioxidant enzyme activities in HepG2 cells and main active compounds of endophytic fungus from pigeon pea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] Food Research International. 56, 243-251, 2014
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