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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.


Aufreiter, S., Mahaney, W. C., Milner, M. W., Hancock, R. G. V., Ketch, L., Malloch, D., Huffman, M. A., Reich, M., Wink, M., Sodhi, R.: Mineralogical and chemical interactions of soils eaten by chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream National Parks, Tanzania, J. Chemical Ecology 27: 285-311, 2001
Mahaney, W. C., Milner, M. W., Hs, M., Hancock, R. G. V., Aufreiter, S., Reich, M., Wink, M.: Mineral and chemical analyses of soils ingested by humans in Indonesia. Intern. Journal of Environmental Health Research 10, 93-109, 2000
Mahaney, W. C., Zippin, J., Milner, M. W., Sanmugadas, K., Hancock, R. G. V., Aufreiter, S., Campbell, S., Huffman, M. A., Wink, M., Malloch, D.: Chemistry, mineralogy and microbiology of termite mound soil eaten by the chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains, WesternTanzania Journal of Tropical Ecology; 15, 565-588, 1999
Wakibara, J. V., Huffman, M. A, Wink, M., Reich, S., Aufreiter, S., Sodhi, R., Mahaney, W. C., and Russel, S.: Adaptive Significance of Geophagy for Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata) at Arashiyama, Japan, International Journal Primatology 22, 495-520, 2001
Wink, M., A. Hofer, M. Bilfinger, E. Englert, M. Martin, & D. Schneider: Geese and plant dietary allelochemicals- Food palatability and geophagy. Chemoecology 4, 93-107, 1993
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