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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.

Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs)

Aleinein, A., R., Hamoud, R., Schäfer, H., Wink, M.: Molecular cloning and expression of ranalexin, a bioactive antimicrobial peptide from Rana catesbeiana, in Escherichia coli and assessments of its biological activities. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 97, Issue 8, 3535-3543, 2013
Aleinein, R. A., Schäfer, H., Michael Eink: Rhizosecretion of the recombinant antimicrobial peptide ranalexin from transgenic tobacco hairy roots. RRJBS Phytopathology Genes & Diseases, 1, 45-55 (2015)
Aleinein, R. A., Schäfer, H., Wink, M.: Secretory ranalexin produced in recombinant Pichia pastoris exhibits additive or synergistic bactericidal activity when used in combination with polymyxin B or linezolid against multi-drug resistant bacteria. Biotechnology Journal, 9, 110-119, 2014
Fan, X., Schäfer, H., Reichling, J., Wink, M.: Antibacterial properties of he antimicrobial peptide lb-AMP4 from Impatiens balsamina produced in E. coli. Biotechnology Journal, 8, 1213-1220, 2013
Fan, X., Reichling, J., Wink, M.: Antibacterial activity of the recombinant antimicrobial peptide Ib-AMP4 from Impatiens balsamina and its synergy with other antimicrobial agents against drug resistant bacteria. Die Pharmazie 68, 628-630, 2013
Herbel, V., Schäfer, H. and Wink, M.: Recombinant production of snakin-2 (an antimicrobial peptide from tomato) in E. coli and analysis of its bioactivity. Molecules, 20, 14889-14901, 2015
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