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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.

Saponins, triterpenoids

Frenkel N., Makky, I. Resmala Sudji, M. Wink, M. Tanaka: Mechanistic Investigation of Interactions between the Steroidal Saponin Digitonin and Cell Membrane Models. The Journal of Physical Chemistry  B. 118: 14632-14639
Girma M. Woldemichael and M. Wink: Triterpene glycosides of Lupinus angustifolius . Phytochemistry 60, 323-327, 2002
Kuljanabhagavad T., M. Wink: Occurrence and properties of saponins within the family Chenopodiaceae. In: Saponins: Properties, Applications and Health Benefits (Biochemistry Research Trends: Botanical Research and Practices) By Koh, Rani (EDT) / Tay, Isaac (EDT) / Chindo, Ben A. (CON) / Adzu, Bulus (Nova Science Pub. Inc. ; 2012 pp. 163-207, 2012
Kuljanabhagavad, T., Thongphasuk, P., Chamulitrat, W., Wink, M.: Triterpene saponins from Chenopodium quinoa. Phytochemistry 69, 1919-1926, 2008
Kuljanabhagavad, T., Wink, M.: Biological activities and chemistry of saponins from Chenopodium quinoa Willd. Phytochemistry Reviews 8, 473-490 , 2009
Moges Woldemichael, G., Wink, M.: Identification of Biological Activities of Triterpenoid Saponins from Chenopodium quinoa. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49, 2327-2332, 2001
Osman , Soad M. A. Khalek, M. A. Koheil, A. E. El-Haddad and M. Wink: A new steroidal compound (ß-sitosterol-3-O-butyl) isolated from Caesalpinia gilliesii flowers. International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products 8, 14-19, 2015
Sudji I. R., M. Wink: Quillaja saponins synergistically enhance the cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs in several cancer cell lines. Phytomedicine
Sudji I. R, Y Subburaj, A. J. García-Sáez, M. Wink: Membrane disintegration caused by the steroid saponin digitonin is related to presence of cholesterol. Molecules
Sharopov, F.S., M. Sobeh, P. Satyal, M. Wink: Alkaloid contents, antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of different parts of Papaver somniferum. Pharmaceutical Biology
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