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Publications Prof. Wink
List of Publications - arranged by topics

In the following lists the publications are arranged according to their contents. If you want to read the papers, go to publication index  and select the corresponding year. There you can find the relevant pdfs.

Phylogeny plants

Behnke, H.-D., Hummel, E., Hillmer, S., Sauer-Gürth, H., Gonzalez, J., Wink, M.: A revision of African Velloziaceae based on leaf anatomy and rbcL nucleotide sequences. Bot. Journal Linn. Society 172, 22-94 (2013)
Behnke, H.-D., Treutlein, J., Wink, M., Kramer, K., Schneider, C. and P.-C. Kao: Systematics and evolution of the Velloziaceae, with special reference to sieve-element plastids and rbcL sequence data. Bot. Journal Linn. Society London, 134, 93-129, 2000
Boatwright, J. S., le Roux, M., M., Wink, M., Morozova, T. and van Wyk, B. E.: Phylogenetic relationships of the tribe Crotalarieae (Fabaceae) inferred from DNA sequences and morphology. Systematic Botany 33, 752-761, 2008
Boatwright, J. S., Wink, M., Van Wyk, B-E.: The generic concept of Lotononis (Crotalarieae, Fabaceae): Reinstatement of the genera Euchlora, Leobordea and Listia and the new genus Ezoloba. Taxon 60, 161-177 (2011)
Gemeinholzer, B. and M. Wink: Solanaceae: Occurrence of secondary compounds versus molecular phylogeny. In: "Solanaceae V: Advances in taxonomy and utilization." (R.G. van den Berg, G.W.M. Barendse, G.M. van der Weerden, C. Mariani, eds). Nijmegen University Press, 2001
Gobert, V., Moja, S., Taberlet, P. and Wink, M.: Heterogeneity of Three Molecular Data Partition Phylogenies of Mints Related to M. x piperita (Mentha; Lamiaceae). Plant Biol. 8, 470-485, 2006
Herrmann, F., Wink, M.: Use of rbcL sequences for DNA barcoding and authentication of plant drugs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Peer J. PriPrints, (2014)
Hilger, H.H., Cole, T.C.H., Wink, M.: Neue Namen für altbekannte Arznei- und Giftpflanzen. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) 150, 48-59 (2010)
Käss, E. and M. Wink: RbcL sequences from lupins and other legume species (family Leguminosae). Plant Mol. Evol. News Letter 2, 21-26, 1992
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of the genus Lupinus. In: Towards the 21st century. Proc. 8th Intl Lupin Conference, Asilomar (G.D. Hill ed.), 248-254, 1999
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Phylogenetic relationships in the papilionoideae (family Leguminosae) based on nucleotide sequences of cpDNA (rbcL) and ncDNA (ITS1 and 2). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 8, 65-88, 1997
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molekulare Phylogenie der Lupinen (Lupinus: Leguminosae). In: Fortschritte in der Lupinenforschung und im Lupinenanbau (Wink, M., ed.), Universität Heidelberg, 39-57, 1995
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molecular phylogeny of the Papilionoideae (family Leguminosae): RbcL gene sequences versus chemical taxonomy. Bot. Acta 108, 149-162, 1995
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molekulare Methoden zur Analyse der Evolution der Gattung Lupinus. In: "Lupinen 1991- Forschung, Anbau und Verwertung" (M. Wink, ed.), 53-65, 199
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molecular Phylogeny and phylogeography of the genus Lupinus (family Leguminosae) inferred from nucleotide sequences of the RbcL Gene and ITS 1+2 sequences of rDNA. Plant Systematics and Evolution 208, 139-167, 1997
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molecular evolution of the Leguminosae: Phylogeny of the three subfamilies based on rbcL-sequences. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 24, 365-378, 1996
Käss, E. and M. Wink: Molecular phylogeny of lupins. In: Advances in Lupin research (J.M. Neves-Martin and M.L. Beirao da Costa, eds.), Lisboa, 267-270, 1995
Kaufmann, M. and M. Wink: Molecular systematics of the Nepetoideae (family Labiatae): Phylogenetic implications from rbcL-gene sequences. Z. Naturforsch. 49c, 635-645, 1994
Borges, L., Bruneau, A., Cardoso, D., Crisp, M., Delgado-Salinas, A., Doyle, J. J., Egan, A., Herendeen, P. S., Hughes, C., Kenicer, G., Klitgaard, B., Koenen, E., Lavin, M., Lewis, G., Luckow, M., Mackinder, B., Malécot, V., Miller, J. T., Pennington, R. T., de Queiroz, L. P., Schrire, B., Simon, M. F., Steele, K., Torke, B., Wieringa, J. J., Woyciechowski, M. F., who were equally responsible and listed here in alphabetical order only, with additional contributions from, Boatwright, S., de la Estrella, M., de Freitas Mansano, V., Prado, D. E., Stirton, C., Wink, M.: Towards a new classification system for legumes: Progress report from the 6th International Legume Conference. South African Journal of Botany 89, Special Issue: SI, 3-9, (2013)
Merino, E.F., Planchuelo, A.M. and M. Wink: Phylogenetic analysis of Lupinus. In: Lupin, an Ancient Crop for the New Millenium. Proc. of the 9th International Lupin Conference, Klink/ Müritz, Germany, 20-24 June, 1999 (E. van Santen, M. Wink, S. Weissmann, and P. Roemer eds). International Lupin Association, Canterbury, New Zealand, 287-290, 2000
Rashid, M. Harun-or, Young, J. P. W., Everall, I., Clercx, P., Willems, A., Braun, M. S. and Michael Wink: Average nucleotide identity of genome sequences supports the description of Rhizobium lentis sp. nov., Rhizobium bangladeshense sp. nov. and Rhizobium binae sp. nov. from lentil (Lens culinaris) nodules. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 65, 3037-3045 (2015)
Rashid, H., Gonzalez, J., Young, J. P. W. and Wink, M.: Rhizobium leguminosarum  is the symbiont of lentils in the Middle East and Europe but not in Bangladesh. FEMS Microbiol Ecology 87, 64-77 (2014)
Rashid, H., Schäfer, H., Gonzalez, J., Wink, M.: Genetic diversity of rhizobia nodulating lentil (Lens culinaris) in Bangladesh. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 35, 98-109 (2012)
Schneider, D., Wink, M., Sporer, F., Lounibos, P.: Cycads, their evolution, toxins, herbivores and insect pollinators. Naturwissenschaften 89, 281-294, 2002
Schulze, G., Treutlein, J. and M. Wink: Phylogenetic relationships between Asplenium bourgaei (Boiss.) Milde and A. jahandiezii (Litard) Rouy inferred from morphological characters and rbcL sequences. Plant Biology 3, 364-371, 2001
Toluei, Z., Ranjbar, M., Wink M. and Atri, M.: Molecular characterization of Onobrychis altissima (Fabaceae) populations from Iran with the description of O. chaldoranensis sp., a nova. Annales Botanici Fennici 50, 249-257 (2013)
Toluei, Z., Atri, M., Ranjbar, M. & Wink, M.: Morphological, genetical and ecogeographical characterization of long-winged species of Onobrychis sect. Onobrychis (Fabaceae) in Iran. Iran. J. Bot. 18 (1), 31-41 (2012)
Toluei, Z., Ranjbar, M., Wink, M. and Atri, M.: Molecular phylogeny and ecogeography of Onobrychis viciifolia SCOP. (Fabaceae) based on nrDNA ITS sequences and genomic ISSR fingerprinting. Feddes Repertorium 123, 3, 193-207 (2012)
Toluei, Z., Atri, M., Ranjbar, M. & Wink, M.: Iranian Onobrychis carduchorum (Fabaceae) populations: morphology, ecology and phylogeography. Plant Ecology and Evolution 146 (1), 53-67 (2013)
Treutlein, J., Vorster P. & M. Wink: Molecular relationships in Encephalartos (Zamiaceae, Cycadales) based on nucleotide sequences of nuclear ITS 1&2, rbcL, and genomic ISSR fingerprinting. Plant. Biology 7, 79-90, 2005
Treutlein, J., Smith, G.F., van Wyk, B.-E., Wink, M.: Evidence for the polyphyly of Haworthia(Asphodelaceae, subfamily Alooideae; Asparagales) inferred from nucleotide sequences of rbcL, matK, ITS1 and genomic fingerprinting with ISSR-PCR. Plant Biology, 5, 513-521, 2003
Treutlein, J. and M. Wink: Molecular phylogeny of cycads. Naturwissenschaften 89, 221-225, 2002
Treutlein, J., Smith, G. F., Van Wyk, B.-E., Wink, M.: Phylogenetic relationships in the Asphodelaceae (subfamily Alooideae) inferred from chloroplast DNA sequences (rbcL, matK) and from genomic fingerprinting (ISSR). Taxon 52, 193-207, 2003
Vorster,P, F. H. Van der Bank, M. Van der Bank, and M. Wink: Phylogeny of Encephalartos: Some Eastern Cape Species. The Botanical Review: 70, 250-259, 2004
Walker, J., Sytsma, K.J., Treutlein, J., Wink, M.: Salvia (Lamiaceae) is not monophyletic: Implications for the systematics, radiation, and ecological specialisations of Salvia and tribe Mentheae. American Journal of Botany 91, 2004
Wink, M., Gamal, I.A. Mohamed: Evolution of chemical defence traits in the Leguminosae: Mapping of distribution patterns of secondary metabolites on a molecular phylogeny inferred from nucleotide sequences of the rbcL gene. Biochem. Syst. Ecology 31, 897-917, 2003
Wink, M.: Evolution of secondary metabolites in legumes (Fabaceae) South African Journal of Botany (2013)
Wink, M. and M. Kaufmann: Phylogenetic relationships between some members of the subfamily Lamioideae (family Labiatae) inferred from nucleotide sequences of the rbcL-gene. Botanica Acta 109, 139-148, 1996
Wink, M.: Evolution and Phylogeny of Cycads. Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution. Volume 1 D: Phanerogams (Gymnosperm and Agiosperm-Monocotyledons). A. K. Sharma & A. Sharma, eds. Sience Publisher 1-28, 2006
*Wink, M. Evolution der Sekundärstoffe bei Leguminosen, insbesondere bei Lupinen, in Wink, M. (Ed.); Lupinen 2001-Ergebnisse aus Forschung, Anbau und Verwertung. Romneya-Verlag, 2002, pp.12-30, 2002
Wink, M., Botschen, F., Gosmann, C., Schäfer, H. and Waterman, G.: Chemotaxonomy seen from a Phylogenetic Perspective and Evolution of Secondary Metabolism. Annual Plant Reviews. 40, 364-433, (2010)
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