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Albrecht, F., Hering, J., Fuchs, E., Illera, J. C., Ihlow, F., Shannon, T. J., Collinson, J. M., Michael Wink, Martens, J., Päckert, M.: Phylogeny of the Eurasian Wren Nannus troglodytes (Aves: Passeriformes: Troglodytidae) reveals deep and complex diversification patterns of Ibero-Maghrebian and Cyrenaican populations. PLOS ONE March 19 (2020) pubwi2010

Amen, Y., Sherif, A. E., Shawky, N. M., Abedelrahman, S., Michael Wink and Sobeh, M.: Grape-leaf extract attenuates alcohol-induced liver injury via interference with NF-kB signaling pathway. Biomolecules, 10, 558 (2020) pubwi2010

Ben Toumia, I., Sobeh, M., Ponassi, M., Banelli, B., Dameriha, A., Michael Wink, Ghedira, L. C. and Rosano, C.: A methanol extract of Scabiosa atropurpurea enhances doxorubicin cytotoxicity against resistant colorectal cancer cells in vitro. Molecules 25, 5265 (2020) pubwi2010

Braun, M. S., Zimmermann, S., Sporer, F. und Michael Wink: Antimikrobielle Eigenschaften von Bürzeldrüsensekreten. Vogelwarte 58, 247-254 (2020) pubwi2010

Contreras, G., Shirdel, I., Braun, M. S., Michael Wink: Defensins: Transcriptional regulation and function beyond antimicrobial activity. Developmental and Comparative Immunology 104 (2020) pubwi2010

De Melo Moura, C. C., Fernandes, A. M., Aleixo, A., de Araujo, H. F. P., de Freitas Mariano, E. and Michael Wink: Evolutionary history of the pectoral sparrow arremon taciturnus: evidence for diversification during the late pleistocenen. IBIS British Ornithologists' Union (2020) pubwi2010

Domhan, C., Umstätter, F., Zimmermann S. und Michael Wink: Wenn Vancomycin versagt. Resistente Enterokokken bereiten Probleme. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, 160. Jahrgang, Nr. 3 (2020) pubwi2010

Eben, A., Sporer, F., Vogt, H., Wetterauer, P. and Michael Wink: Search for alternative control strategies of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae): Laboratory assays using volatine Natural plant compounds. Insects 11, 0811 (2020) pubwi2010

Eid, S. Y., Althubiti, M. A., Abdallah, M. E., Michael Wink, El-Ready, M. Z.: The carotenoid fucoxanthin can sensitize multidrug resistant cancer cells to doxorubicin via induction of apoptosis, inhibition of multidrug resistance proteins and metabolic enzymes. Phytomedicine 77 (2020)

Eimanifar, A., Asem, Alireza, Wang, P.-Z., Li, W. and Michael Wink: Using ISSR genomic fingerprinting to study the genetic differentiation of Artemia Leach, 1819 ( Crustacea: Anostraca) from Iran and neighbor regions with the focus on the invasive American Artemia franciscana. Diversity, 12, 132 (2020) pubwi2010

El-Hawary, S. S., Sobeh, M., Badr, W., Abdelfattah, M. A. O., Ali, Z. Y., E-Tantawy, M. E., Rabeh, M. A., Michael Wink: HPLC-PDA-MS/MS profiling of secondary metabolites from Opuntia ficus-indica cladode, peel and fruit pulp extracts and their antioxidant, neuroprotective effect in rats with aluminum chloride induced neurotoxicity. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences (2020) pubwi2010

Elkady, W. M., Ayoub, I. M., Abdel-Mottaleb, Y., ElShafie, M. F. and Michael Wink: Euryops pectinatus L. Flower extract inhibits P-glycoprotein and reverses multi-drug resistance in cancer cells: A mechanistic study. Molecules, 25, 647 (2020) pubwi2010

Fan, X., Xu, H., Song, J., Jin, Y., Michael Wink, and Wu, G.: Using a membrane-penetrating-peptide to anchor ligands in the liposome membrane facilitates targeted drug delivery. Bioconjugate Chem. 31, 113-122 (2020) pubwi2010

Francis, G., Makkar, H. P. S., Carle, R., Mittelbach, M., Michael Wink, Herrera, J. M., Kodekalra, R. & K & Becker, K.: Critique on conclusions regarding toxic compounds in Jatropha curcas kernel cake. Communications Biology 4 (2021) pubwi2010

Frias-Soler, R. C., Pildain, L. V., Parau, L. G, Michael Wink, Bairlein, F.: Transcriptome signatures in the brain of a migratory songbird. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part D 34, 100681 (2020) pubwi2010

Grinkov, V. G., Bauer, A., Sternberg, H. and Michael Wink: rHeritability of the extra-pair mating behaviour of the pied flycatcher in Western Siberia. Peer. J. (2020) pubwi2010

Margalida, A., Schulze-Hagen, K., Wetterauer, B., Domhan, C., Oliva-Vidal, P., Michael Wink: What do minerals in the feces of Bearded Vultures reveal about their dietary habits? Science of the Total Environment 728 (2020) pubwi2010

Mostafa, I., Abbas, H. A., Ashour, M. L., Yasri, A., El-Shazly, A. M., Michael Wink and Sobeh, M.: Polyphenols from salix tetrasperma impair virulence and inhibit quorum sensing of pseudomonas aeruginosa. Molecules, 25, 1341 (2020) pubwi2010

Nevard, T. D., Haase, M., Archibald, G., Leiper, I., Van Zalinge, R. N., Purchkoon N., Siriaroonrat, B., Latt, T. N., Michael Wink, Garnett, S. T.: Subspecies in the Sarus Crane Antigone antigone revisited; with particular reference to the Australian population. Plos One, April 16 (2020) pubwi2010

Roxo, M., Peixoto, H., Wetterauer, P., Lima, E. and Michael Wink: Piquiá shells (Caryocar villosum): A fruit by-product with antioxidant and antiaging properties in Caenorhabditis elegans. Hindawi. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (2020) pubwi2010

Samir, N., George, R. F., Elrazaz, E. Z., Ayoub, I. M., Shalaby, El S. M., Plaisier, J. R., Demitri, N. and Michael Wink: PiSynthesis of some tropane-based compounds targeting colon cancer. Future Medicinal Chemistry (2020) pubwi2010

Shahamat, A.-A., Rastegarpouyani, E., Rastegar-Pouyani, N., Yousefkhani, S. S. H. and Michael Wink: Molecular phylogeny and intraspecific differentiation of the Trapelus agilis species complex in Iran (Squamata: Agamidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. PeerJ, Feb. 2020, p 10 (2020) pubwi2010

Sharopov, F., Satyal, P. and Michael Wink: The chemical composition and biological activities of essential oil from the leaves of Philadelphus x purpureomaculatus Lemoine. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal, Vol. 54, No. 4 (2020) pubwi2010

Sharopov, F., Wetterauer, B., Gulmurodov, I., Khalifaev, D., Safarzoda, R., Sobeh, M. and Michael Wink: Chlorogenic and 1,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid-rich extract of topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus L.) exhibits strong antioxidant activity and weak cytotoxicity. Medicinal Plants, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal, Vol. 54, No 7 (2020) pubwi2010

Sobeh, M., Mahmoud, M. F., Rezq, S., Abedlfattah, M. A. O., Mostafa, I., Alsemeh, A. E., El-Shazly, A. M., Yasri, A. and Michael Wink: Haematoxylon campechianum extract ameliorates neuropathic pain via inhibition of NF-κB/TNF-α/NOX/iNOS signalling pathway in a rat model of chronic constriction injury. Biomolecules 10, 386 (2020) pubwi2010

Sobeh, M., Rezq, S., Cheurfa, M., Abdelfattah, M. A. O., Rashied, R. M. H., El-Shazly, A. M., Yasri, A., Michael Wink and Mahmoud, M. F.: Thymus algeriensis and Thymus fontanesii: Chemical composition, in vivo antiinflammatory, pain killing and antipyretic activities: a comprehensive comparison. Biomolecules 2020, 10, 599 (2020) pubwi2010

Sobeh, M., Hamza, M. S., Ashour, M. L., Elkhatieb, M., El Raey, M. A., Abdel-Naim, A., B. and Michael Wink: A polyphenol-rich fraction from eugenia uniflora exhibits antioxidant and hepatoprotective activities in vivo. Pharmaceuticals 13, 84 (2020) pubwi2010

Sobeh, M., Hassan, S. A., Hassan, M. A. E., Khalil, W. A., Abdelfattah, M. A. O., Michal Wink and Yasri A.: A polyphenol-rich extract from entada abyssinica reduces oxidative damage in cryopreserved ram semen. Frontiers Volume 7 (2020) pubwi2010

Starikov, I. J. and Michael Wink: Old and Cosmopolite: Molecular Phylogeny of Tropical-Subtropical Kites (Aves: Elaninae) with Taxonomic Implications. Diversity, 12, 327 (2020) pubwi2010

Tinoush, B., Shirdel, I. and Michael Wink: Phytochemicals: Potential Lead Molecules for MDR Reversal. Frontiers in Pharmacology, Volume 11, Article 832 (2020) pubwi2010

Wang, E., Zhang, D., Braun, M. S., Hotz-Wagenblatt, A., Pärt, T., Arlt, D., Schmaljohann, H., Barlein, F., Lei, F. und Michael Wink: Can mitogenomes of the Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) reconstruct its phylogeography and reveal the origin of migrant birds? 10:9290 (2020) pubwi2010

Michael Wink: Potential of DNA intercalating alkaloids and other plant secondary metabolites against SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19. Diversity, 12, 175 (2020) pubwi2010

** Michael Wink: Evolution of the angiosperms and co-evolution of secondary metabolites, especially of alkaloids. Phytochemistry, (2020) pubwi2010

** Michael Wink: Biodiversität in Gefahr. In: Berichte aus der Biologie, Biologische Vielfalt erleben, wertschätzen, nachhaltig nutzen, durch Bildung stärken. Wissenschaftliche Tagung zum Erhalt der Biodiversität auf der Erde, in Deutschland und der Region. S. 23-50. Shaker Verlag Düren (2020) pubwi2010

** Michael Wink: Universalität der Bausteine und Prozesse des Lebens. In: Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online, Bd. 5 (2020): Entwicklung - Wie aus Prozessen Strukturen werden. Gesellschaft der Freunde Universität Heidelberg e.V. (2020) pubwi2010

Youssef, F. S., Ashour, M. L., El-Beshbishy, H. A., Hamza, A. A., Singab, A. N. B. and Michael Wink: Pinoresinol-4-O-ß-D-glucopyranoside: a lignan from prunes (Prunus domestica) attenuates oxidative stress, hyperglycaemia and hepatic toxicity in vitro and in vivo. Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2020) pubwi2010

Youssef, F. S., Eid, S. Y., Alshammari, E., Ashour, M. L., Michael Wink and El-Readi, M. Z.: Chrysanthemum indicum and Chrysanthemum morifolium: Chemical composition of their essential oils and their potential use as natural preservatives with antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Foods, 9, 1460 (2020) pubwi2010

Zhang, S., Duangjan, C., Tencomnao, T., Liu, J., Lin, J. and Michael Wink: Neuroprotective effects of oolong tea extracts against glutamate-induced toxicity in cultured neuronal cells and ß-amyloid-induced toxicity in caenorhabditis elegans. Food & Function. The Royal Society of Chemistry (2020) pubwi2010




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