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List of Publications Prof. Wink


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List of Publications

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Abbas, S., Wink, M.: Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits ß-amyloid oligomerization in Caenorhabditis elegans and affects the daf-2/insulin-like signaling pathway. Phytomedicine 17, 902-909 (2010) pubwi2010

Ashour, M., Wink, M. and Gershenzon, J.: Biochemistry of Terpenoids: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes and Diterpenes. Annual Plant Reviews 40, 258-303, (2010) pdf

Braun, M., S., Braun, M. und Wink, M.: Siedlungsdichte des Gartenrotschwanzes Phoenicurus phoenicurus in Streuobstflächen des Handschuhsheimer Feldes bei Heidelberg. Ornithol. Jh. Bad.-Württ., 26, 31-37 (2010) pubwi2010

Efferth, T., Wink, M.: Chemical-biology of natural products from medicinal plants for cancer therapy. In: M. Alaoui-Jamali (Ed.) Alternative complementary Therapies for Cancer: Integrative Approaches and Discovery of Conventional Drugs.Springer, New York, USA, 22, 557-582 (2010) pubwi2010

El-Readi, M., Hamdan, D., Farrag, N. M., El-Shazly, A. M. M., Wink, M.: Inhibition of p-glycoprotein by limonin and other secondary metabolites from Citrus species in human colon and leukemia cell lines. Eur. J. Pharmacology 626, 139-145 (2010) pubwi2010

Ganzera, M., Krüger, A., Wink, M.: Determination of quinolizidine alkaloids in different Lupinus species by NACE using UV and MS detection. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 53, 1231-1235 (2010) pubwi2010

Gonzalez, J., Wink, M.: Genetic differentiation of the Thorn-tailed Rayadito Aphrastura spinicauda revealed by ISSR profiles suggest multiple paleorefugia and high recurrent gene flow. IBIS 152, 761-774 (2010) pubwi2010

Halpern, S., L., Adler, L. S., Wink, M.: Leaf herbivory and drought stress affect floral attractive and defensive traits in Nicotiana quadrivalvis. Oecologia 163, 961-971 (2010) pubwi2010

Hamdan, D., El-Readi, M., Nibret., E, Sporer, F., Farrag, N., El-Shazly, A., Wink, M.: Chemical composition of the essential oils of two Citrus species and their biological activities. Die Pharmazie 65, 141-147 (2010) pubwi2010

Hellmann, J. K., Münter, S., Wink, M., Frischknecht, F.: Synergistic and additive effects of epigallocatechin gallate and digitonin on Plasmodium sporozoite survival and motility. PlosOne, (5) 1, 1-7 (2010)

Hilger, H.H., Cole, T.C.H., Wink, M.: Neue Namen für altbekannte Arznei- und Giftpflanzen. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) 150, 48-59 (2010) pubwi2010

Joger, U., Fritz, U., Guicking, D., Kalyabina-Hauf, S., Nagy, T. T. and Wink, M.: Relict populations and endemic clades in palaearctic reptiles: Evolutionary history and implications for conservation: Hebel, J. C., Assmann, T. (eds.) Relict Species: Phylogeography and Conservation Biology, 119-143 (2010)

Kong, Yu, Yan, M.-M., Liu, W., Chen, C.-Y., Zhao, B.-S., Zu, Y.-G., Fu, Y.-J., Luo, M., Wink, M.: Preparative enrichment and separation of astragalosides from Radix Astragali extracts using macroporous resins. J. Sep. Sci. 33, 2278-2286 (2010) pdf

Li, Ji, Zu, Yuan-Gang, Fu, Yu-Jie, Yang, Yu-Chun, Li, Shuang-Ming, Kong, Yu, Li, Zheng-Nan, Wink, M.: Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of triterpene saponins from defatted residue of yellow horn (Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge.) kernel and evaluation of its antioxidant activity. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 11, 637-643 (2010) pdf

Ma, Y. and Wink, M.: The Beta-carboline alkaloid harmine inhibits BCRP and can reverse resistance to the anticancer drugs mitoxanthrone and camptothecin in breast cancer cells. Phytotherapy Research 24, 146-149 (2010) pubwi2010

Mulyaningsih, S., M., Yunes, El-Ready, M., Ashour, M., Nibret, E., Sporer, F., Herrmann, F., Reichling, J., Wink, M.: Biological activity of the essential oil of Kadsura longipedunculata (Schisandraceae) and its major components. J. Pharmacy and Pharmacology 62, 1037-1044 (2010) pubwi2010

Mulyaningsih, S., Sporer, F., Zimmermann, S., Reichling, J., Wink, M.: Synergistic properties of the terpenoids aromadendrene and 1,8-cineole from the essential oil of Eucalyptus globulus against antibiotic-susceptible and antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Phytomedicine. 17, 1061-1066 (2010) pubwi2010

Nagy, Z. T., Bellaagh, M., Wink, M., Paunovic, Korsos, Z.: Phylogeography of the Caspian whipsnake in Europe with emphasis on the westernmost populations. Amphibia-Reptilia. doi: 10.1163/017353710X518397 (2010) pubwi2010

Nibret, E., Wink, M.: Trypanocidal and antileukaemic effects of the essential oils of Hagenia abyssinica, Leonotis ocymifolia, Moringa stenopetala, and their main individual constituents. Phytomedicine 17, 911-920 (2010) pdf

Nibret, E., Ashour, M. L., Rubanza, C. D. and Wink, M.: Screening of some tanzanian medicinal plants for their trypanocidal and cytotoxic activities. Phytotherapy Research 24, 45-47, 2010

Nibret, E., Wink, M.: Volatile components of four Ethiopian Artemisia species extracts and their in vitro antitrypanosomal and cytotoxic activities. Phytomedicine. 17, 369-374, 2010

Rastegar-Pouyani, E., Rastegar-Poyani, N., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Molecular phylogeny of the Eremias persica complex of the Iranian plateau (Reptilia: Lacertidae), based on mtDNA sequences. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 158, 641-660 (2010) Pouyani

Roberts, M. F., Strack, D. and Wink, M.: Biosynthesis of Alkaloids and Betalains. Chapter 2, Introduction. Annual Plant Reviews 40, 20-91, (2010) pdf

Scheider, J., Wink, M., Wiltschko, W., Stubbe, M.: Zur Phylogenie und Taxonomie der Schwarzmilan-Subspezie-On the phylogeny and taxonomy of the subspecies of the Black Kite. Tagungsband des 6. Symposiums "Populationsökologie von Greifvogel- und Eulenarten" 233-242, 2010

Wink, M.; El-Sayed, A.-A., and Gonzalez, J.: Fortschritte in Erforschung der Phylogenie der Greifvögel und der Fakten. 50 Jahre Orden Deutscher Falkoniere, 22-28 (2010) Pouyani

Wink, M.: Functions and Biotechnology of plant secontary metabolites. Introduction, Chapter 1., Annual Plant Reviews. 39, 1- 20, 2010 pdf

Wink, M.: Biochemistry, Physiology and Ecological Function of Secondary Metabolites. Chapter 1, Introduction. Wiley-Blackwell Annual Plant Reviews 40, 1-19, (2010) pdf

Wink, M.: Molecular Modes of Action of Defensive Secondary Metabolites. Chapter 2. Annual Plant Reviews. 39, 21-161, (2010) pdf

Wink, M., Botschen, F., Gosmann, C., Schäfer, H. and Waterman, G.: Chemotaxonomy seen from a Phylogenetic Perspective and Evolution of Secondary Metabolism. Annual Plant Reviews. 40, 364-433, (2010) pdf

Wink, M.: Secondary Metabolites: Deterring Herbivores. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (2010)Pouyani

Wink, M.: Biodiversity assesment of Jabal Moussa. In Jabal Moussa- Between myth and rality as seen through the eyes of 22 witnesses. Assocciation for the Protection of Jabal Moussa, Libanon, 57-61 (2010) Pouyani

Wu, N., Zu, Y., Fu, Y., Kong, Y., Zhao, J., Li, X., Li, Ji, Wink, M., and Efferth, T.: Antioxidant activities and xanthine oxidase inhibitory effects of extracts and main polyphenolic compounds obtained from Geranium sibiricum L. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58, 4737-4743 (2010) Pouyani

Zu, Y.g., Liu, X-l., Fu, Y-j., Wu, N., Kong, Y., Wink, M.: Chemical composition of the SFE-CO2 extracts from Cajanus cajan (L.) Huth and their antimicrobial activity in vitro and in vivo. Phytomedicine, 17, 1095-1101 (2010) Pouyani

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