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List of Publications Prof. Wink


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List of Publications

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Arnaiz-Villena, A., Moscoso, J., Ruiz-del-Valle, V., Gonzalez, J., Reguera, R., Ferri, A., Wink, M. and Serrano-Vela, J. I.: Mitochondrial DNA Phylogenetic Definition of a Group of ‘Arid-Zone’ Carduelini Finches. The Open Ornithology Journal, 1, 1-7, 2008

Asres, K., Sporer, F., Wink, M.: Occurrence of pyrrolizdine alkaloids in three Ethiopian Solanecio species. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 36, 399-407, 2008

Assefa,G., Sonder, K., Wink, M., Kijora, C., Peters, K. J., Norbert, S.:
Effect of variety and harvesting management on the concentration of tannins and alkaloids in tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis). Animal Feed Science and Technology, 144, 242,256, 2008

Becker, P.H., Ezard, T., Ludwigs, J.-D., Sauer-Gürth, H. and Wink, M.: Population sex ratio shift from fledging to recruitment: Consequences for demography in a philopatric seabird. Oikos, 117, 60-68, 2008

Boatwright, J. S., le Roux, M., M., Wink, M., Morozova, T. and van Wyk, B. E.: Phylogenetic relationships of the tribe Crotalarieae (Fabaceae) inferred from DNA sequences and morphology. Systematic Botany 33, 752-761, 2008

Dietzen, C., Garcia-del-Rey, E., Delgado Castro, G. and Wink, M.: Phylogeography of the blue tit (Parus teneriffae-group) on the Canary Islands based on mitochondrial DNA sequence data and morphometrics. J. Ornithol, 149, 1-12, 2008

Dietzen, C., Garcia-del-Rey, E., Castro, G. D. and Wink, M.: Phylogenetic differentiation of Sylvia species (Aves: Passeriformes) of the Atlantic islands (Macaronesia) based on mitochondrial DNA sequence data and morphometrics. Biol. J. Linn. Soc., 95, 157-174,

Efferth, T., Wink, M.: DNA Polymorphisms Affecting Chemosensitivity Towards Drugs. In Sensitization of Cancer Cells for Chemo/Immuno/Radio-therpy (B. Bonavida, ed.) Humana Press, 365-387, 2008

El-Shazly, A. and Wink, M.: Tropane and Pyrrolidine Alkaloids from Convolvulus lanatus Vahl. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, 63c, 321-325, 2008

Fritz, U., Guicking, D., Auer, M., Sommer, R. S., Wink, M. and Hundsdörfer, A. K.: Diversity of the Southeast Asian leaf turtle genus Cyclemys: how many leaves on its tree of life? Zoologica Scripta, 37, 367-390, 2008

Garcia-del-Rey, E., Gosler, A. G., Gonzalez, J. and Michael Wink.: Sexual size dimorphism and moult in the Plain Swift Apus unicolor. Ringing & Migration 24, 81-87, 2008

Gonzalez, J., Wink, M.: Phylogenetic position of the monotypic Des Murs’ Wiretail (Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii, Aves: Furnariidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.
J. Ornithology 149, 393-398, 2008

Gonzalez, J., Wink, M., Garcia-del-Rey, E., Delgado, G.: Evidence from DNA nucleotide sequences and ISSR profiles indicates paraphyly in subspecies of the Southern Grey Shrike (Lanius meridionalis). J. Ornithology 149, 495-506, 2008

Guicking, D., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Molecular phylogeography of the viperine snake Natrix maura (Serpentes: Colubridae): Evidence for strong intraspecific differentiation. Organisms, Diversity and Evolution 8, 130-145, 2008

Guicking, D., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Molekulare Phylogenie und Evolutionsgeschichte der Gattung Natrix, mit Bemerkungen zur innerartlichen Gliederung von N. natrix. Mertensiella 16-30, 2008

Kuljanabhagavad, T., Thongphasuk, P., Chamulitrat, W. and Wink, M.: Triterpene Saponins from Chenopodium quinoa Willd., Phytochemistry, 69 (9), 1919-1926. 2., 2008

Ma, Y. and Wink, M.: Lobeline, a piperidine alkaloid from Lobelia can reverse P-gp dependent multidrug resistance in tumor cells. Phytomedicine, 15, 754-758, 2008

Pedall, I., Gonzalez, J., Sauer-Gürth, H., Wink, M.: Genetic analysis of captive Lesser White-fronted Geese Anser erythropus in Germany. Vogelwelt 129, 304-309, 2008 pubwi2008

Pop, A. A., Czuzdi, C., Wink, M. and Pop, V. V.: Molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of the genera Octolasion Örley, 1885, Octodrilus Omodeo, 1956 and Octodriloides Zicsi, 1986 (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) based on nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial 16S rDNA and COI genes. Advances in Earthworm Taxonomy III (Annelida: Oligochaeta), 109-125, 2008

Pop, A. A., Wink, M., Czuzdi, C.: Progress in systematics of terrestrial Oligochaeta by using molecular data. In Pavlicek, T., Cardet, P., Advances in Earthworm Taxonomy III (Annelida: Oligochaeta), 203-224, 2008

Rosenkranz, V. and Wink, M.: Alkaloids Induce Programmed Cell Death in Bloodstream Forms of Trypanosomes (Trypanosoma b. brucei). Molecules, 13, 2462-2473, 2008

Schwend, T., Schabacker, J., Wetterauer, B., Wink, M.: Uptake of S-(3-Amino-3-oxopropyl)-cysteine by Caco-2 Cells. Z. Naturforschung, 63c, 913-918, 2008

Vidal, N., ., Branch, W. R., Pauwels, O. S. G., Hedges, S. B., Broadley, D. G., Wink, M., Cruaud, C., Joger, U. and Nagy, Z. T.: Dissecting the major African snake radiation: a molecular phylogeny of the Lamprophiidae Fitzinger (Serpentes, Caenophidia). Zootaxa 1945, 51-66, 2008

Wink, M., Heidrich, P., Sauer-Gürth, H., Elsayed A.-A. and Gonzalez, J.: Molecular phylogeny and systematics of owls (Strigiformes). In "Owls of the world" pp 42-63 (C. König & F. Weick)

Wink, M.: Evolutionary advantage and molecular modes of action of multi-component mixtures used in phytomedicine. Current Drug Metabolism 9, 996-1009, 2008

Wink, M.: Evolution of Secondary Plant Metabolism. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, ELS John Wiley Sons, Ltd Chichester, 1-12, 2008

Wink, M.: Plant Secondary Metabolism: Diversity, Function and its Evolution. NPC Natural Product communication, 3, 1205-1216, 2008

Wink, M.: Pflanzliche Vielstoffgemische im Vergleich zu Monosubstanzen, Schweiz.Zschr.GanzheitsMedizin, 20, 142-143, 2008

Wink, M.: Sprache und Macht der Gene. Kommunikations- und Überzeugungsstrategien auf der Ebene der Moleküle. In "Überzeugungsstrategien": A. Chaniotis, Ed., Heidelberger Jahrbücher 221-238, 2008

Wink, M.: Taxonomy and genetics: Phylogenetic and phylogeographic relationships. In: The Little Owl-Conservation, Ecology and Behaviour of Athene noctua. D. van Nieuwenhuyse, J.-C. Génot, D. H. Johnson (eds). Cambridge University Press, 38-44, 2008  pubwi2008

Woog, F., Wink, M., Rastegar-Pouyani, E., Gonzalez, J., Helm, B.: Distinct taxonomic position of the Madagascar stonechat (Saxicola torquatus sibilla) revealed by nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial DNA, J. Ornithol, 149, 423-430, 2008

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