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Aguiar, R., Wink, M.: Do naive ruminants degrade alkaloids in the rumen? J. Chemical Ecology 31, 761-787, 2005

Aguiar, R., Wink, M.: How do slugs cope with toxic alkaloids. Chemoecology 15, 165-177, 2005

Csuzdi CS., Pop, A. A., Pop, V. V., Wink, M. and Zicsi, A: Revision of the Dendrobaena alpina (Rosa, 1884) Species group (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae). in: Pop, V. V. and Pop, A. A. (Eds) Advances in Earthworm Taxonomy II. Cluj University Press, Cluj-Napoca, 119-129 (2005)

Dyrcz, A., Kruszewicz, A., Wink, M.: Male reproductive success is correlated with blood parasite levels and body condition in the promiscuous aquatic warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola) AUK 122, 558-565, 2005

El-Shazly, A., Doro, G., Wink, M.: Alkaloids of Haloxylon salicornicum (Moq.) Bunge ex. Boiss. (Chenopodiaceae) in Egypt. Pharmazie 60, 949-952, 2005

Flaig, R., Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M., Fricker, G.: Ktenate nanoparticles (bdellosomes): A novel strategy for targetting drugs to parasites, tumours or tissues. Journal of Drug delivery Science and technology. 15, 59-63, 2005

Fritz, U., Cadi, A., Cheylan, M., Coic, C., Detaint, M., Olivier, A., Rosecchi, E., Guicking, D., Lenk, P., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Distribution of mtDNA haplotypes (cyt B) of Emys orbicularis in France and implications for postglacial recolonization. Amphibia-Reptilia 26, 231-238, 2005

Fritz, U., Siroky, P., Kami, H., Wink, M.: Environmentally caused dwarfism or a valid species - Is Testudo weissingeri Bour, 1996 a distinct evolutionary lineage? New evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear genomic markers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 37, 389-401, 2005

Fritz, U., Fattizzo, T., Guicking, D., Tripepi, S., Pennisi, M.G., Lenk, P., Joger, U., & Wink, M.: A new cryptic species of pond turtle from Southern Italy, the hottest spot in the range of the genus Emys (Reptilia, Testudines, Emydidae). Zoologica Scripta 1-21, online, 2005

Gonzalez-Solis, J., Becker, P.H., Wendeln, H., Wink, M.: Hatching sex ratio and sex specific chick mortality in common terns Sterna hirundo. J. Ornithology 146, 235-243, 2005

Guicking, D., Griffith, R. A., Moore, R. D., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Introduced alien or persecuted native? Resolving the origin of the viperine snake (Natrix maura) on Mallorca. Biodiversity and Conservation, 2005

Hundsdörfer, A., Kitching, I.J., Wink, M.: The morphological variability of Hyles t. tithymali (Boisduval) (Sphingidae:Lepidoptera) caterpillars on the Canary Islands. Entomologische Zeitschrift 115, 29-33, 2005

Hundsdörfer, A., Kitching, I. J., Wink, M.: The phylogeny of the Hyles-euphorbiae-complex (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae): molecular evidence from sequence data and ISSR-PCR fingerprints. Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 5, 173-198, 2005

Hundsdörfer, A., Kitching, I.J., Wink, M.: A molecular phylogeny of the hawkmoth genus Hyles (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae, Macroglossinae) Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 35, 442-458, 2005

Hundsdörfer, A, Tshibangu, J. N., Wetterauer, B., Wink, M.: Sequestration of phorbol esters by aposematic larvae of Hyles euphorbiae (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae)? Chemoecology 15, 261-267, 2005

Hundsdörfer, A., Wink, M.: New source of genetic polymorphisms in Lepidoptera?. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 60c, 618-624, 2005

Ibieta, P., Wink, M.: Binding of flavonoids from Sophora flavescens (Fabaceae) to rat uterine estrogen receptor. Planta Medica 71, 1065-1068

Ibieta, P., Zu, Y., Fu, Y.-J., Wink, M.: Binding of phytoestrogens to estrogen receptors and human sex hormone-binding globulins. Z. Naturforschung 60c, 649-656, 2005

Kotenko, T., Zinenko, O., Guicking, D., Sauer-Gürth, H., Wink, M., Fritz U.: First data on the geographic variation of Emys orbicularis in Ukraine: mtDNA haplotypes, colouration and size. Herpetologia Petropolitana, N. Ananjeva und O. Tsinenko (Eds). 43-46, 2005

Lehtonen, P., Helander, M., Wink, M., Sporer, F., Saikkonen, K.: Transfer of endophyte-origin defensive alkaloids from a grass to a hemiparasitic plant. Ecology Letters, 8, 1256-1263, 2005

Lenk, P., Eidenmüller, B., Staudter, H., Wicker, R. and Wink M.: A parthenogenetic Varanus. Amphibia-Reptilia 26, 507-514, 2005

Lopez-Herraez, D., Schäfer, H., Mosner, J., Fries, R., Wink, M.: Comparison of the exclusion power between microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers in individual identification and parental analysis in a Galloway cattle population. Z. f. Naturforschung 60c, 649-656, 2005

Martins, A., Wink, M., Tei, A., Brum-Bousquet, M., Tillequin, F., Rauter, A.P.: A phytochemical study of the Quinolizidine alkaloids from Genista tenera by gas chromatography-mass spectronometry. Phytochemical analysis, 16, 2005

Mettke-Hoffmann, C., Wink, M., Winkler, H., Leisler, B.: Exploration of environmental changes relates to lifestyle. Behavioral Ecology 16, 247-254, 2005

Nagy, Z. T., Vidal, N., Vences, M., Branch, W. R., Wink, M., Joger, U.: Molecular systematics of African Colubroidea (Squamata: Serpentes). In African Biodiversity: Molecules, Organisms, Ecosystems. B. A. Huber, B. J. Sinclair, K.-H. Lampe (Eds), Springer Verlag, pp 221-228, 2005

Nittinger, F., Haring, E., Pinsker, W., Wink, M., Gamauf, A.: Out of Africa: phylogenetic relationships between Falco biarmicus and other hierofalcons (Aves Falconidae). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary research 43 (4), 321-331, 2005

Osborne, T., Wink, M.: Taxonomy of African raptors with emphasis on Namibian species. Lanioturdus 38, 7-9, 2005

Pop, A. A., Csuzdi, Cs. and Michael Wink: Remarks on the molecular phylogeny of Crassiclitellata families using the mitochondrial 16S rDNA gene (Oligochaeta, Opisthopora). in: Pop, V. V. and Pop A. A. (Eds) Advances in Earthworm Taxonomy II. Cluy University Press, Cluj-Napoca, 143-154 (2005)

Pop, A. A., Csuzdi, Cs., Wink, M. and Pop V. V.: An attempt to reconstruct the molecular phylogeny of the genus Allolobophora Eisen, 1874 (sensu lato, Pop, 19414) using 16W rDNA and COI sequences (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) in: Pop, V. V., and Pop, A. A. (Eds) Advances in Earthworm Taxonomy II. Cluj University Press, Cluj-NJapoca, 55-165 (2005)

Treutlein, J., Vorster P. & M. Wink: Molecular relationships in Encephalartos (Zamiaceae, Cycadales) based on nucleotide sequences of nuclear ITS 1&2, rbcL, and genomic ISSR fingerprinting. Plant. Biology 7, 79-90, 2005

Wink, M., Alfermann, A. W., Franke, R., Wetterauer, B., Distl, M., Windhövel, J., Krohn, O., Fuss, E., Garden, H., Mohagheghzadeh, A., Wildi, E., Ripplinger, P.: Sustainable bioproduction of phytochemicals by plant in vitro cultures: anticancer agents. Plant
Genetic resources. 3, 90-100 (2005)

Wink M., Dietzen, C.: Vom Rebhuhn zum Halsbandsittich- Veränderungen in der rheinischen Vogelwelt. Fauna in der rheinischen Kulturlandschaft, LVR Köln, Fauna in der rhein. Kulturlandschaft, 17-29, 2005

Wink M., Dietzen, C., Giessing, B.: Die Vögel des Rheinlandes (Nordrhein). Ein Atlas der Brut- und Wintervogelverbreitung 1990-2000. Beiträge zur Avifauna Nordrhein-Westfalens, Bd. 36, Romneya Verlag, Dossenheim

Wink, M.: Die Verwendung pflanzlicher Vielstoffgemische in der Phytotherapie: eine evolutionäre Sichtweise, 20. Schweizerische Tagung für Phytotherapie, Baden, 22. September 2005, Phytotherapie, Nov.05, 33-39, 2005

Wink, M.:
Wie funktionieren Phytopharmaka? Wirkmechanismen der Vielstoffgemische. Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie 26, 262-279, 2005

Zayed, R., Wink, M.: ß-Carboline and quinoline alkaloids in root cultures and intact plants of Peganum harmala. Z. f. Naturforschung 60c, 451-458, 2005

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