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Becker, P. and M. Wink: Influences of sex, sex composition of brood and hatching order on mass growth in Common Terns Sterna hirundo. Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology 54, 136-146, 2003

Broders, O., Osborne, T., Wink, M.: A mtDNA phylogeny of bustards (family Otitidae) based on nucleotide sequences of the cytochrome b-gene. J. Ornithol. 144, 176-185, 2003

Dietzen, C., Witt, H.-H., Wink, M.: The phylogeographic differentiation of the robin Erithacus rubecula on the Canary Islands revealed by mitochondrial DNA sequence data and morphometrics: evidence for an new robin taxon on Gran Canaria? Avian Science, 3, 115-131, 2003

El-Shazly, A., Abdel-Ghani, A. and Wink, M.: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Onosma arenaria Waldst. and Kit. (Boraginaceae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 31, 477-485, 2003

El-Shazly, A., Wink, M.: Tetrahydroisoquinoline and ß-carboline alkaloids from Haloxylon articulatum (Cav.) Bunge (Chenopodianceae). Z. Naturforschung 58c, 477-480, 2003

Hübner, S.M., Prinzinger, R., Wink, M.: Neues zur Systematik und Stammesgeschichte der Hornvögel (Aves: Bucerotiformes). Zool. Garten N. F. 73, 396-401, 2003

Kramer, B., van der Bank, H., Wink, M., Flint, N. and H. Sauer-Gürth: Evidence for parapatric speciation in the Mormyrid fish, Pollimyrus castelnaui (Boulenger, 1991) from the Okavango-Upper Zambesi River Systems: P. marianne sp. nov., defined by electric organ discharges, morphology and genetics. Environmental Biology of fishes 77, 47-70, 2003

Martins, A., Wink, M., Tei, A., Rauter, A.P.: Quinolizidine alkaloid profiles of two taxa of Teline maderensis. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, 58, (11-12), 776-779, 2003

Nagy, Z.T., Joger, U., Wink, M., Glaw, F.,Vences, M.: Multible colonization of Madagascar and Socotra by colubrid snakes: evidence from nuclear and mitochondrial gene phylogenies. Proc. Royal Society London B, 270, 2613-2621, 2003

Nagy, Z.T., Schmidtler, J.F., Joger, U., Wink, M.: Systematik der Zwergnattern (Reptilia: Colubridae: Eirenis) und verwandter Gruppen anhand von DNA-Sequenzen und morphologischer Daten. Salamandra 39, 149-168, 2003

Pop, A. A., Wink, M., Pop, V. V.: Use of 18S rDNA and cytochrome c oxidase sequences in earthworm taxonomy (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae). Pedobiologia 47, 428-433, 2003

Schwend, T., Redwanz, I., Ruppert, T., Szenthe, A., Wink, M.: Analysis of proteins in the spent culture medium of Lupinus albus by electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry. J. Chromatography A 1009, 105-110, 2003

Treutlein, J., Smith, G. F., Van Wyk, B.-E., Wink, M.: Phylogenetic relationships in the Asphodelaceae (subfamily Alooideae) inferred from chloroplast DNA sequences (rbcL, matK) and from genomic fingerprinting (ISSR). Taxon 52, 193-207, 2003

Treutlein, J., Smith, G.F., van Wyk, B.-E., Wink, M.: Evidence for the polyphyly of Haworthia (Asphodelaceae, subfamily Alooideae; Asparagales) inferred from nucleotide sequences of rbcL, matK, ITS1 and genomic fingerprinting with ISSR-PCR. Plant Biology, 5, 513-521, 2003

Wink, M., Gamal, I.A. Mohamed: Evolution of chemical defence traits in the Leguminosae: Mapping of distribution patterns of secondary metabolites on a molecular phylogeny inferred from nucleotide sequences of the rbcL gene. Biochem. Syst. Ecology 31, 897-917, 2003

*Wink, M.: Alkaloids: Properties and Determination. In L. Trugo & P. M. Finglas, eds.; Encyclopedia of food science and nutrition. Academic Press, 2003

*Wink, M.: Alkaloids: Toxicology. In L. Trugo & P. M. Finglas, eds.; Encyclopedia of food science and nutrition. Academic Press, 2003

Wink, M.: Allelochemical properties of Quinolizidine Alkaloids. In. Allelopathy - Chemistry and mode of action of allelochemicals. Macias, F. A., Garcia Galindo, J. C., Molinillo, J. M. G., Cutler, H.G. (eds.) CRC Press, 2003

Wink, M.: Evolution of secondary metabolites from an ecological and molecular phylogenetic perspective. Phytochemistry 64, 3-19, 2003

Zayed, R., Abbas, F., Wink, M.: Study of alkaloid metabolism during seedling development in Hyoscyamus muticus L. and Hyoscyamus niger L. and elicitation of tropane alkaloid formation in root cultures of Hyoscyamus niger. Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 44, 293-306 (2003)

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