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Banko, P., Cipollini, M.L., Breton, G., Paulk, E., Wink, M. and I. Izhaki: Seed chemistry of Sophora chrysophylla (Mamane) in relation to the diet of the specialist seed predator Loxioides bailleui (Palila) in Hawai'i. J. Chemical Ecology 28, 1393-1410, 2002

Baker, M.A., Rifai, L., Joger, U., Nagy, Z.T., Wink, M., Amr, Z.: Occurrence of Coluber (Hierophis) schmidti NIKOLSKY, 1909 in Jordan. Herpetozoa 15, 29-36, 2002

Becker, P. and M. Wink: Geschlechtsabhängige Grössenunterschiede von Flügglingen der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo. Journal für Ornithologie 143, 51-56, 2002

Bermudez-Torres, K., Robledo Quintos, N., Barrera Necha, L.L. and M. Wink: Alkaloid profile of leaves and seeds of Lupinus hintonii C.P. Smith from Mexico. Z. Naturforsch 57c, 243-247, 2002

Dyrcz, A., Wink, M., Backhaus, A., Köppner, C., Zdunek, W., Leisler, B. and K. Schulze-Hagen: Correlates of multiple paternity in the Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola). J. Ornithol. 143, 430-439, 2002

El-Shazly, A. and M. Wink: Composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil and hexane-ether of Tanacetum santolinoides (DC) Feinbr. & Fertig. Z. Naturforschung 57c, 620-623, 2002

El-Shazly, A., DoraI, G. and M. Wink: Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of the Essential Oils of Senecio aegyptius var. discoideus Boiss. Z. Naturforschung 57c, 434-439, 2002

Guicking, D., Fritz, U., Lehr, E., Wink, M.: New Data on the Diversity of the Southeast Asian Leaf Turtle Genus Cyclemys BELL, 1834. Part I. Molecular Results (Reptilia: Testudines: Geoemydidae). Zool. Abh. Mus. Tierkd. Dresden 23, 75-86, 2002

Guicking, D., Joger, U. and Wink, M.: Molecular Phylogeography of the Viperine Snake Natrix maura and the Dice Snake Natrix tessalata: first results. Biota 3, 1-2, 2002

Leisler, B., Winkler, H. and Wink, M.: Evolution of breeding systems in Acrocephaline warblers. AUK 119, 379-390, 2002

Luque, C., Legal, L., Staudter, H., Gers, C. and M. Wink: ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeats) as genetic markers in Noctuids (Lepidoptera). Hereditas 136, 251-253, 2002

Margl, L., Tei, A., Gyurján, I. and M. Wink: GLC and GLC-MS Analysis of Thiophene Derivatives in Plants and in in vitro Cultures of Tagetes patula L. (Asteraceae). Z. Naturforschung 57c, 63-71, 2002

Moges Woldemichael, G. and M. Wink: Concomitant occurrence of pyrrolizidine and quinolizidine alkaloids in the hemiparasite Osyris alba L. (Santalaceae). Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 30,139-149, 2002

Moges Woldemichael, G. and M. Wink: Triterpene glycosides of Lupinus angustifolius. Phytochemistry 2002

Nagy, Z.T., Joger, U., Guicking, D., & Wink, M.: Phylogeography of the European whip snake, Coluber viridiflavus Lacépède, 1789, inferred from nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and ISSR genomic fingerprinting. Biota 3, 107-116, 2002

Nkemgu-Njinkeng, J., Rosenkranz, V., Wink, M. and D. Steverding: Antitrypanosomal activity of proteasome inhibitors. Antimicrobial agents & Chemotherapy 46, 2038-2040, 2002

Olsen, J., Wink, M., Sauer-Gürth, H. and S. Trost: A new Ninox owl from Sumba, Indonesia. EMU 102, 223-232, 2002

Schneider, D., Wink, M., Sporer, F., Lounibos, P.: Cycads, their evolution, toxins, herbivores and insect pollinators. Naturwissenschaften 89, 281-294, 2002

Treutlein, J. and M. Wink: Molecular phylogeny of cycads. Naturwissenschaften 89, 221-225, 2002

Wahrendorf, M.-S., Sporer, F., Wink, M.: Anti-inflammtions assays. J. Fleurentin, J.-M. Pelt, G. Mazars; Des sources du savoir aux médicaments du futur. IRD. Editions, pp 399-401, 2002

Wildi, E.* and M. Wink: Biotechnology potential of hairy root culture. In: "Series Recent Progress in Medicinal plants", Vol. 4 - Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Eds. J.N. Govil, P. Ananda Kumar & V.K. Singh), Sci Tech Pub., USA, 441-454, 2002

**Wink, M. Lupinen 2001-Ergebnisse aus Forschung, Anbau und Verwertung. Romneya-Verlag, 2002, 132 pp

*Wink, M. Evolution der Sekundärstoffe bei Leguminosen, insbesondere bei Lupinen, in Wink, M. (Ed.); Lupinen 2001-Ergebnisse aus Forschung, Anbau und Verwertung. Romneya-Verlag, 2002, pp.12-30, 2002

Wink, M.: Potentielle Bedeutung pflanzlicher Sekundärstoffe zur Abwehr von Wühlmäusen. In: "Abwehr von Wühlmäusen im ökologischen Landbau", Berichte Biol. Bundesanst. Land-Forstwirt. Braunschweig, 104, 31-44, 2002

Wink, M.*: Production of quinolizidine alkaloids in in vitro cultures of legumes. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, (edited by Toshiyuki Nagata & Y. Ebizuka) Springer-Verlag, Vol. 51, 118-136, 2002

Wink M., Kuhn, M., Sauer-Gürth, H. und Witt, H.-H.: Ein Eistaucher (Gavia immer) bei Düren-Fundgeschichte und erste genetische Herkunftsuntersuchungen. Charadrius 38, 239-245, 2002

Wink, M., Sauer-Gürth, H. and E. Gwinner: Evolutionary relationships of stonechats and related species inferred from mitochondrial-DNA sequences and genomic fingerprinting. British Birds 95, 349-355, 2002

Wink, M., and V. Theile: Alkaloid tolerance in Manduca sexta and phylogenetically related sphingids (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). Chemoecology 12, 29-46, 2002

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