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Ristow, D. and M. Wink: 13. Breeding success of the Eleonora's Falcon and conservation management. In: Conservation studies on raptors (I. Newton and R.D. Chancellor, eds.), ICBP Technical publication No.5, 147-152, 1985

Thomas, D.H. and M. Wink: Osmoregulation in pelagic marine birds (Procellariidae). Acta XVIII Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici Vol. 2, 1182, 1985

Wink, M.: Chemische Verteidigung der Lupinen: Zur biologischen Bedeutung der Chinolizidinalkaloide. Plant Syst. Evolution 150, 65-81, 1985

Wink, M.: Composition of the spent culture medium. I. Time-course of ethanol formation and the excretion of hydrolytic enzymes into the culture medium of suspension-cultured cells of Lupinus polyphyllus. J. Plant Physiol. 121, 287-293, 1985

Wink, M.: Metabolism of quinolizidine alkaloids in plants and cell suspension cultures: Induction and degradation. In: Primary and secondary metabolism of plants and cell cultures (K.H. Neumann, W. Barz and E. Reinhard, eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin, 107-116, 1985

Wink, M.*: Molekulare Grundlagen der Krebsentstehung. Dtsch. Apoth. Ztg 125, 2300-2306, 1985

Wink, M.*: The breeding atlas of the Rhineland: Aspects of its interpretation. In: Bird census and atlas studies (K. Taylor, R.J. Fuller, P.L. Lack, eds.), BTO, Tring, 331-336, 1985

Wink, M.* and T. Hartmann: Enzymology of quinolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis. In: Natural products chemistry 1984 (R.I. Zalewski and J.J. Skolik, eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 511-520, 1985

Wink, M., Ristow, D. and C. Wink: Biology of Eleonora`s Falcon. 7. Variability of clutch size, egg dimensions and egg colouring. Raptor Research 19, 8-14, 1985

Wink, M. and L. Witte: Quinolizidine alkaloids in Petteria ramentacea (Sieber) Presl and the infesting aphids, Aphis cytisorum Hartig. Phytochemistry 24, 2567-2568, 1985

Wink, M. and L. Witte: Quinolizidine alkaloids as nitrogen source for lupin seedlings and cell suspension cultures. Z. Naturforschung 40 c, 767-775, 1985

Wippich, C. and M. Wink: Biological properties of alkaloids: Influence of quinolizidine alkaloids and gramine on the germination and development of powdery mildew, Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei. Experientia 41, 1477-1479, 1985

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