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The common basis of all projects within the Heidelberg SFB is a broad, diverse and interdisciplinary basic research program in the field of molecular catalysis. With the combined expertise of all experimental and theoretical groups and by means of all modern methodologies, the SFB's aim is to resolve the essential structural features of molecular homogenous and heterogenous catalysts as well as the mechanistic details of their function.


The SFB's central and fundamental goal is the development of new strategies and methods to investigate elementary steps as well as the detailed mechanisms of catalytic cycles, the enhancement of the catalysts' selectivity and efficiency as well as the specific search for new catalysts and novel basic reactions.

Based upon a deeper understanding and upon new insights into relationships between molecular structures and functiional principles  of catalysts, we hope to gain access to a rational catalyst design.

The obvious technical application aspect of catalysis research is taken into account where appropriate, but is not given any special priority compared to basic research.


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