Biological and Bio-Inspired Catalysis

Project C1
Biomimetic activation of oxygen with oligonuclear copper complexes
Project C2
Oxidative heterocyclization – coordination chemistry and catalysis
Project C3
Bio-inspired catalysts for phosphanylation
Project C4
Structural and functional models for {Ni-Fe}-hydrogenase
Project C5 Understanding catalytic capabilities of metalloenzymes by computational chemistry
Project C6 Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of artificial esterases
Project C7
Untersuchungen zur enzymatischen Katalyse von Hämthiolatproteinen
Project C8
Dendrimere als Plattformen für die stereoselektive Katalyse und Biokatalyse
Project C9
Solid phases as support for biomimetic catalysts
Project C10 Mechanistische Untersuchungen an c-di-GMP Phosphodiesterasen

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