High-Throughput (HT) Instrumentation


Part of the basic equipment of the SFB 623 is the automated synthesis and high-throughput workstation “Chemspeed Accelerator P6-70” (Chemspeed®). This instrument can be used for HT-chemical parallel synthesis and HT-screening of chemical reactions at variable pressures and temperatures. Its parallel reactor allows automated, computer-controlled, simultaneous performance of reactions and their direct, automated analytics. The most important application is varying the catalysis relevant parameters in parallel experiments leading, on one hand, to a fast optimization of the activity and selectivity (chemo-, regio-, enantioselectivity), and on the other hand providing many additional pieces of information relevant for answering questions about the mechanism and structure reactivity relationships.

The instrument has been financed by federal and state funds (HBFG-procedure) and from university sources, which were augmented by a generous amount of money donated by BASF AG.


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