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Equal opportunities and diversity
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Research Funding and Scholarships


The Equal Opportunities Office provides advice and informs young women academics about research funding programmes of the University of Heidelberg, the Ministry of Science, research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg and external support offers from various foundations in connection with gender equity. One funding programme for women academics with family supports mothers attempting to combine the academic qualification process with the acquittal of family obligations. Other programmes are designed to enhance the qualifications of outstanding young women academics aiming on an academic career. Other programmes are listed below.


To enhance the qualification of outstanding young women academics, Heidelberg University provides positions ’only for research purposes’ within the Olympia-Morata-Programme..->read more



Olympia-Morata-Programme of Heidelberg University's Medical Faculty

Morata-programm 1 Bild

This programme aims to support qualified women scientists with their post-doctoral lecture qualification or similar qualifications at Heidelberg University's Medical Faculty... ->read more



Individual Funding

By means of the Individual Funding, the Heidelberg University offers support in challenging circumstances: e.g. financing the last couple of months to finish a research project..->read more



With this programme the state of Baden-Württemberg sets out to increase the number of women academics at universities in Baden-Württemberg. The Schlieben-Lange-Programme is aimed at mothers attempting to combine the academic qualification process with the acquittal of family obligations....->read more



The aim of the Margarete-von-Wrangell- Programme is to provide qualified women academics with financial support during the Habilitation process.->read more


Fast Track-Programme of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung


Fast Track

Fast Track addresses this year 20 outstanding female postdocs qualifying in the Humanities (Language and Cultural Sciences).The application deadline is 3rd March 2014. ->weiterlesen

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