Wolke 7 * Girls Club for Physics and Astronomy

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Heidelberg University, the Equal Opportunities Office, and the Junior University – in collaboration with the Hölderlin Gymnasium – have launched a girls club for physics and astronomy. Every week scientist Stefanie Schwemmer together with Maria Walch prepare and lead experiment sessions, so school girls can discover their interest in physics themes and issues already before they start studying.

Heat and cold, fire and ice, magnetism, electricity, even stars and the universe are tested and explored with physics. With exciting experiments and a lot of fun schoolgirls learn about physics contexts and can exchange ideas with one another. Visits to the labs of Heidelberg University physics institutes are a special highlight. During these visits, schoolgirls get a taste of how current research results were produced and they meet female scientists who share their enthusiasm about the subject.

Cooperating partners are the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the Graduate School “Fundamental Physics”, and the Heidelberg Hölderlin Gymnasium. This supplementary education for female pupils is offered free of charge.



“I am glad that universities in Baden-Württemberg create initiatives to attract more women and girls to mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences, and technology. An exemplary case is Heidelberg University and “Wolke 7”, a girls club for physics and astronomy. It offers young girls the opportunity to work with phenomena like heat and cold, fire and ice, magnetism, and electricity. An encounter with the world of natural sciences that might make a difference in the personal choice of a university subject.”

Theresia Bauer, Member of the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament and Baden-Württemberg Federal Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, in her greeting to  the 17th German Conference of Women in Physics of the German Society for Physics



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