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Preventive Safety Concept


​To increase the individual sense of security and prevent dangerous situations from occurring, a concept for developing and implementing measures has been established, which is put into practice in cooperation with different institutions. Thus, regular security inspections take place in three University areas at dark: Campus INF, Altstadt and Campus Bergheim. On these inspections, potential places of danger are identified and eliminated by working closely with internal and external institutions of the University. In addition, safety measures are adapted to fit conditions on site.


Walk Safe – Security on Campus

Walk-Safe 2016-02-23Walksafe is a concept to improve safety for women on the Neuenheimer Feld Campus – especially at night-time. To improve the individual sense of security, the following measures have been developed:





Security escort Service of Heidelberg University: After nightfall, female students and female staff of Heidelberg University can request to be accompanied free of charge in the Neuenheimer Feld from the laboratory or auditorium to their car, the tram, or the bus stop by a member of the security service. This service is also available to female students who arrive in the evening from downtown by bus or tram and want to be escorted safely to their dormitory. To arrange service, call 06221-545555.


Security escort Service of the University Hospital: Employees and female visitors of the University Hospital can be escorted free of charge by a member of the security service to the parking lot, their place of work, the bus stop, or the dormitory any time during the night. To arrange service, please call 06221-5639971. In case of emergency, call 06221-566500->more


Reception areas: Reception areas of the Department of Surgery (Chirurgische Klinik), the Children's Hospital (Kinderklinik), the Head Hospital (Kopfklinik) and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) are manned around-the-clock.


Bus lines 31 and 32: After dark, passengers on bus lines 31 and 32 can also leave the bus in-between regular stops in the Neuenheimer Feld district in order to avoid long walks in the dark. Simply tell the driver beforehand where you would like to get off the bus.


Women’s night taxi: Women from the age of 14 whose principal residence is in Heidelberg can travel by taxi at reduced fares within the city limits. The tickets must be bought in advance at the Local Administration Offices (Bürgeramt). The service is only valid for cars affiliated to the Taxi-Zentrale. ->more


Prevention Measure: The Studierendenwerk, together with Heidelberg Police, offers assertiveness training for female students. The course takes place on the top floor of the Marstallcafé. Information on upcoming courses will be posted here. You can register for the workshops at:
Workshops take place on a regular basis and are free of charge. ->more

The Walksafe programme flyer can be found here. 

Security concepts for the Altstadt and Bergheim Campus are in the planning stage.




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