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Qualification and Advanced Training

Career Advice Intensive – Compact Individual Coaching

This offer focuses on questions regarding the possibilities, planning and building of an academic career.

  • individual and intensive advice in a one-on-one coaching session
  • analysis of current professional situation
  • advice on and planning of next steps


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Thursday, 12 March 2020

times will be arranged individually


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Dr. Beate Scholz


Equal Opportunities Office, Hauptstraße 126, 69117 Heidelberg

Peer Coaching – Peer Group Meetings Guided by a Supervisor

With Peer Coaching, we want to offer a forum for exchange among peers, for working through situations from everyday academic life as well as for developing approaches and strategies when dealing with key issues in professional life. At the same time, the methods of Peer Coaching will be practiced using examples provided by the participants.

Target Group

Advanced female postdocs who have embarked on an academic career.

Key Topics

  • dealing with competition professionally
  • confidence in the work environment
  • leadership and management skills
  • impulses from scientific practice


the following Tuesdays, 6pm-9pm:

5 November 2019

26 November 2019

10 December 2019

14 January 2020


Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi, Consulting, Coaching and Support in the academic-scientific sector


Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA), Hauptstraße 120, seminar room

NEW Academia and Family – Mentoring for Young Parents

This is a forum for researchers who either have family responsibilities or are planning to become parents. The forum focuses on the compatibility of work and family, and on ways to achieve it. Information on university offers will be presented. As “role-models”, experienced researchers provide examples of how to successfully combine family and academia. Upon request, mentor-mentee relationships can be set up.


  • information about legal matters
  • presentation of university offers
  • setting up mentoring for parents if requested
  • advice on dealing with conflicts and emergencies in everyday life


Thursday, 21 February 2020, 9am – 12noon


Female professors at the University,

Organisation: Agnes Speck, Equal Opportunities Office


Universitätsverwaltung, Seminarstraße 2, 2. floor, room 235

Mentoring and Training

Mentoring and Training (Mentoring und Training: MuT) is a programme of the Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg (LaKoG) funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.


MutThe programme supports women in the stage of their post-doctoral lecture qualification and young female researchers who are aiming at a full professorship. It is designed to encourage them to realise their skills and use their chances successfully, to instruct them in organisational and administrative questions and prepare them for executive functions. The Mentoring concept is thereby intended to counteract discriminatory factors that make it harder on women to succeed. As it stands, women have far less access to information, contacts and networks; they often lack role models and a systematic career management. This is where women can partake of their mentors' knowledge and experience. They receive: advice on building a qualification profile, guidance in times of professional orientation, access to build informal work relationships, as well as attention and encouragement.

Fortunately, finding female and male mentors is not a problem.

Qualifikation 2016
Training and individual advice form another part of the MuT programme. You can train your skills in areas such as didactics, (self-)presentation and appearance, while you can get advice on individual career planning, during application processes or on establishing contacts.


Science Web

The first Mentoring and Training orientation event took place in September 1998 with 88 interested parties having responded to the announcement (numbers have increased significantly in the meantime). Following an application process, a first group of female researchers was selected – due to the composition of the candidate pool, there are more natural scientists than humanities scholars among them. The participants, all in the process of qualifying as a professor at universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg, spent three days expanding their knowledge of social, structural and organisational conditions at universities. They also began catching up on what many of their male colleagues have come into through "learning by doing" in continuous employments.

An important part of the programme was the analysis of one's own scientific career progression. It is on this basis that aims of the mentoring relationship were developed. By now, we are pleased to report that the first experiences with mentoring partnerships have not only been very positive; they are also an encouragement to proceed with the project.

When asked at the outset about their expectations, the participants were interested in "getting a better idea of their career prospects", "getting to know female colleagues in similar situations", "receiving advice in the field of didactics and rhetoric", "learning about leadership of employees", "getting out of one's ivory tower" and "receiving pointers en route to professorship". After the event, the feedback has been consistently positive and all participants want to continue with the programme.



Information and Registration

Dr. Dagmar Höppel
Dorett Schneider
Universität Stuttgart
Kronenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Dr. Agnes Speck

Universität Heidelberg
Haupstrasse 126
69117 Heidelberg


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