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Leaky Pipeline Graphics of the Institutes


The individual data of the institutes constituting the Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies reveal a heterogeneous picture for this faculty.
While the Institute of Education Sciences comes off well concerning its percentage of women academics, the Institute of Sport and Sport Sciences shows in turn a low women percentage (particularly in regard to professorships: there are namely no women professors).
The Institute of Psychology has indeed a very high percentage of women at almost every qualification level, but if we take a look at the professorships, we see that the percentage drops dramatically. The percentage of women who have achieved a doctor's degree at the Institute of Gerontology has strongly decreased over the past years (2009: 100%, 2010: 50%, 2011: 0); no habilitation qualification was attained by either men or women in this period of time. Between 2009 and 2011, the institute had no women professors.
The percentage of women with a doctor's degree achieved at the Institute of Ethnology has decreased to zero over the course of time (0 in 2011) and no scholar (either man or woman) has completed a habilitation qualification. Concerning the professorships, the institute is still in a good position, although the percentage of women has gone back from 66.7% to 50%.


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