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Since 28th of July 2022, we are no longer called the Equal Opportunities Office, but
"UNIFY - Unit for Family, Diversity and Equality" and are the central institution
Contact point for compatibility, diversity and equality under new management
with Charlotte von Knobelsdorff.

Family-friendly university

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunity in Cooperation and Competition

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Cooperations with universities and research institutions in the region, with institutions and organizations throughout the country and Europe are an important part of gender equality activities. Partnerships are a source of motivation and support when it comes to putting equal opportunity and diversity into practice. Moreover, equal opportunity is a quality criterion in national and international competitions.



Facilities and institutes of the University receive advice on matters of gender equality and are supported in the implementation of equality measures. Female students and researchers get advice from UNIFY (Unit for Equality, Diversity & Equality) on advanced training, in difficult situations, and on legal and social questions relating to equal opportunities. Contact persons are available for university members in cases of discrimination, harassment and stalking.

Career in Academia

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To increase the presence of women in research and teaching, particularly in leading positions, the Equal Opportunities Office assists (young) female researchers in matters of qualification, career planning and research support. The Equal Opportunities Commissioner takes part in appointment processes and the selection of young researchers.

Services for Families

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The compatibility of studies, science and family plays an important role at Heidelberg University. As complex as the personal circumstances and work situations are for those with family, as diverse are the University's offers: from childcare and support for those with care responsibilities, to Dual Career Service and career advice for young parents.

Further Offers

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The wide array of offers of UNIFY (Unit für Family, Diversity & Equality) also includes recommendations on gender-fair language use, activities for female students in STEM subjects, programmes for campus safety, advanced

training offers and studies on equal opportunity matters.

About us

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The post of Equal Opportunities Commissioner and UNIFY (Unit for Family, Diversity & Equality) were introduced to implement the equity principle in terms of equal opportunities for women and men. The University's activities and programmes contribute to a culture, in which equal opportunities and freedom from prejudice are appreciated and in which equal opportunity is considered a quality criterion.

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