Online Tutorial on Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures

Weniger-frauen1Equal opportunities for women and men at work? From a legal standpoint, this is considered a given. In everyday life, however, a range of factors can lead to unequal treatment of women and men. The online tutorial “Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures” offers information and recommendations on how to avoid discrimination. 

link to online tutorial


Active Recruiting

Unihd Skulptur Hauptstr126 07 CroppedLeaflet (German only) about active recruiting of female academics for the application to a (junior) professorship at Heidelberg University.

Links to databases (German only) for research in the course of active recruiting.




Appointment Procedure

Unihd Skulptur Hauptstr126 05Information, data, and documents about appointment procedures (German only) at Heidelberg University.

The Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hastings College of the Law offers an innovative project about gender bias. -> continue reading.







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