The Good Breast Documentary: U.S. Breast Cancer in the Age of the Mastectomy

Thursday, February 2,  2017, 6.15pm


Bernadette Wegenstein
, Professor of Media Studies and Director, Center of Advanced Media Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Bernadette Wegenstein is a film director and media scholar at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore). Her most recent film deals with the topic of The Body as Medium, "The Good Breast Documentary: U.S. Breast Cancer in the Age of the Mastectomy". We would like to cordially invite you to a screening of the film followed by a discussion with the director. The documentary follows four women with breast cancer and explores, based on how they are dealing with the disease, the cultural history of the breast. With this topic the author combines her expertise in the history of the body and plastic surgery culture with her passion for the genre of the character-driven cinéma vérité. We are looking forward to a fascinating contribution to cultural history and a lively discussion after the screening.The discussion will be held in German and English.


LOCATION: Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais, Hauptstr. 120, Heidelberg

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