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The Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN wants to make a sustainable contribution to a successful future of Heidelberg University, with the help of Alumni and Friends.


Get to know the faces and stories of the Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN, now

A mummy comes to life

European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing – How private engagement and public funds help shaping the future

Scholarship recipients of the Young Researchers Fund

Implementing your own ideas – Professorship in the field of Law established


These are our campaign goals

Creating opportunity for action, shaping the campus and supporting bright minds – these are the three pillars of the Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN. There is a wide variety of options to get involved.

The expansion of the foundation assets is at the centre of the pillar Creating opportunity for action. In order to become one of the top universities at the international level and to remain there, financial latitudes and long-term planning security are indispensable. In this endeavor, the support of our Alumni and Friends is crucial.

Endowment contributions to the Future Fund provide Heidelberg University with the greatest possible financial flexibility as their proceeds can be used for any purpose. It is also possible to help expanding the foundation assets with the help of your sponsoring idea, e.g. by establishing a separate foundation or a corporate asset trust in Heidelberg University. Their proceeds can be used for a specific purpose such as an endowed professorship, award ceremonies, scholarships etc.. Whether a contribution is open or earmarked, the endowment itself, that means the capital stock of the foundation assets, will always remain untouched, creating opportunities. Limited-term trusts occupy a special place as their capital stock has to be spent over a period of at least 10 years.

The pillar Shaping the campus illustrates very well how it is possible to not only create new and innovative spaces but also preserve historic treasures. Heidelberg University is constantly developing, be it in the Old Town, Bergheim or other sites in and out of Heidelberg.


The support of students, teaching staff, young researchers, research projects as well as the support through donations helping us attracting and retaining top researchers are also of great importance to us. This is why the pillar Supporting bright minds wants to ensure the best support as well as create the best studying and working conditions in an attractive environment.

How it all began – Introduction by the Rector

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