ZUKUNFT STIFTEN - Empowering the Future

ZUKUNFT STIFTEN – EMPOWERING THE FUTURE that is the motto and aim of this latest Heidelberg University campaign. The primary objective of the initiative is to win sponsors that will allow us to secure the successful future of the university. Raising endowments is but one way to accomplish that goal, but realising sustainable projects also ensures Ruperto Carola continues to prosper. The Ruperto Carola Campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN will span five years and is supposed to end in the summer semester 2019.

Introduction by the Rector on the occasion of the launch of the campaign in 2013

The campaign serves as a catalyst for promoting newly created instruments and for injecting momentum into them:


General-purpose Endowment

A general-purpose endowment provides Heidelberg University with the financial flexibility and long-term planning security in the fields of science, research and teaching .The annual proceeds can be used for any cause deemed necessary. The asset stock will be preserved permanently. The endowment is an important element for strengthening Heidelberg University’s position in Germany and in the world as well as for being and remaining successful in the international contest for the best minds.

You can support the general-purpose endowment of Heidelberg University with an endowment contribution to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund, among other possibilities.

Thematic Funds

A priority area of the campaign is the establishment of thematic funds as an offer to everyone interested in supporting our University in order to create an excellent environment for research, teaching and learning, to preserve our scientific heritage as well as to support students and young researchers. The funding instruments are aimed at the specific needs in the respective fields. Currently, completion scholarships for doctoral candidates as well as travel allowances for doctoral candidates and postdocs are financed from the Young Researchers Fund.

The thematic funds will remain in place even after the campaign has concluded.


One of the primary objectives of the campaign is the realisation of sustainable projects in order to further optimise the teaching and learning conditions for our students and researchers at Heidelberg as well as to create necessary conditions for forward-looking research projects.

With the restoration of the Baroque garden one such project comes to its end. The new premises for the European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing (EINC) as part of the Human Brain Project, which are partially funded through donations, are still under construction.

+++ Major project is gaining momentum: Ground-breaking for the EINC-buiding.
Learn more. +++


By supporting us, you are helping us

  • attract the brightest minds
  • offer young talents an ideal support
  • create an excellent working environment for our students and researchers
  • support our students to overcome financial obstacles
  • turn visions into action
  • adapt our university's historical buildings to present and future requirements


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