Young Researchers Fund

  • Young Researchers Fund
    Santander Summer School for Doctoral Students – presentation of research projects

  • Young Researchers Fund
    Supporting doctoral candidates through completion grants and travel allowances

The Young Researchers Fund aims to support outstanding doctoral candidates – through contributions or endowments in any amount.

Current funding instruments:
  • Completion grants for a maximum of 1,000 euros a month for up to six months
  • Travel allowances of up to 1,500 euros to make possible research stays or participation in international conferences and workshops.
Supporters interested in the up-and-coming generation can also request to support individual projects such as the Santander Summer School for Doctoral Students.
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Santander Summer School for Doctoral Candidates

Since 2013, young researchers from renowned universities in Latin America, Europe and Asia meet regularly in Heidelberg, Chile, India and Japan to discuss innovative research topics with a view toward societal development. With the increasing internationalisation of research, it is important to encourage the mobility of today‘s young researchers. The Santander Summer School for Doctoral Students makes a significant contribution to this effort.


Bruno K.

"This has been my first summer school and I really appreciate being part of it. What I love about this summer school is that the course is not so huge. You can get in touch with other students and professors and share advice. Everyone is so helpful. Also, the location is perfect, small and cozy. I like it."

Bruno K.,
doctoral student, Universität Zürich,
participant of the 2017 summer school
"Social Processes and Mental Health"



We want to thank Santander Universitäten for its support which also makes sure that this exchange will continue for the next couple of years.

Santander Summer School 2017 „Social Processes and Mental Health" took place at the International Academic Forum Heidelberg from April 17 to April 26, 2017.


Learn more about Santander Summer School.


Travel allowance

Dr. Katharina J. (Postdoc, Germanic Seminar)

Katharina J.
I have decided to do my doctorate at Heidelberg University because…
I was able to benefit from the expertise of people at Heidelberg University that was really important for my doctoral phase. Besides, Heidelberg University is characterized by many cooperations with renowned universities at home and abroad.
The travel allowance allowed me…
to immerse myself in the scientific culture as an affiliate academic in English speaking countries – a key step after having completed my doctorate as well as after having started my postdoc.
My favourite place on campus is…
I don’t have a favourite place on campus but what makes Heidelberg University so appealing is the possibilty to switch between various charming locations.
My thesis dealt with…
the discursive attribution of responsibility in the mass media during the economic crisis from 2008 to 2010.

Status as of November, 2017

Tanja E. (doctoral student, Institute for Political Science)

Tanja E.
The travel allowance allowed me…
to get to know top researchers in my field of research, to get valuable feedback for my own research as well as to defend my own work against criticism.
For me, typical Heidelberg is …
the combination of progress and comfort.
Moments during my studies in Heidelberg that will last forever…
"Tanja, there is no such ONE Buddhism!“ – this is what one of my lecturers told me in one of my very first seminars in my Minor, theology, when I was trying to reproduce what I have read in some introductory book. The sentence is one of the most important sentences of my studies in Heidelberg because it always reminds me to have a look at seemingly simple social phenomenons in a more differentiated way.”

Status as of August, 2017


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