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For many years, inheritances and bequests have been providing, to a considerable degree, the necessary financing to secure important activities in science, research and teaching at Heidelberg University.

Many people are committed to shaping Heidelberg University through their support long after they are gone to create opportunity for action for future generations. However, the necessary measures have to be taken in your lifetime.

Help us meet present and future challenges and make a bequest to Heidelberg University.


Zukunft stiften
Zukunft stiften
Bequest or inheritance
Why it is important to make
a distinction between these
two terms.
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Types of support
Support Heidelberg University
as a whole or set priorities.
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How to write a will
Some important factors you should bear in mind.
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Please note that the information given on these pages corresponds to the German legislation.


Your contact in matters of inheritance:

Jochen Ridinger
Head of Division
Division for Foundations and Financial Management
T: +49 6221 54-12800
F: +49 6221 54-12980


We will be happy to advise and support you.


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