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Please note that the information given on this page corresponds to the German legislation.

Bequest or Inheritance



The person made heir takes up the legal succession of the testator. The heir takes over all the duties and responsibilities (assets and liabilities). Besides, the heir or community of heirs is obilged to fulfil the legacies and to make sure that the legatee is the recipient of the respective money and objects.


Unlike the heir, the legatee does not take up the legal succession of the testator and only receives certain objects (e.g. real estate, sums of money).


Types of support

We have numerous options available to you to support Heidelberg University through your estate. You can make a donation either during your lifetime or posthumously. Please have a look at the following examples:

Restricted estate

You want to put your ideas into action and you know already what your estate should be used for, then you can set up a fund in your name within the University’s corporate assets. The proceeds of this fund will be used respecting your ideas and wishes.


Unrestricted estate

You want to make sure that Heidelberg University is able to take future challenges and requirements and do not have any specific ideas? Then you can make the University heir by leaving an estate that does not include specific conditions.


Own wishes and ideas

We are, of course, open to your individual wishes and ideas and will be happy to discuss how to implement them. You can also support the thematic funds (e.g. the Scientific Heritage Fund). Please feel free to contact us.


Examples of foundations within Heidelberg University’s assets


How to make a will

A will definitely is one of the most important documents you will have to create in your life. It permits you to define what your assets should be used for as well as to nominate the persons you want to be your heirs. At the same time, it is also an expression of your individual wishes and values and provides a guarantee that you wishes will be respected long after you are gone. Without a will, the german legal succession applies.

  1. Handwritten will or notarial will?
  2. How to change your will
  3. Please make sure you nominate the persons or institutions correctly and use precise wording.
  4. If I would like to support Heidelberg University, who is the recipient of my last will?

Your contact in matters of inheritance:

Jochen Ridinger
Head of Division
Division for Foundations and Financial Management
T: +49 6221 54-12800
F: +49 6221 54-12980


We will be happy to advise and support you.


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