Empower the future of Heidelberg University

  • Top Researchers Fund
    Attract and retain top-notch national and international researchers

  • Young Researchers Fund
    Supporting the scientific exchange of young researchers

  • Scientific Heritage Fund
    New Open-Air learning environment created in the Baroque garden

  • Financial Aid Fund for Students
    Enabling students confronting financial obstacles to successfully complete their studies

Specialised funds have been created in the context of the ZUKUNFT STIFTEN campaign offering a broad variety of options to support Heidelberg University. The thematic funds will continue to prosper long after the campaign is over thereby ensuring the permanent support of Heidelberg University.


Together, we can take a major step into the future. Learn more about the different thematic funds, below:

Icon Ruperto Carola Zukunftsfonds
Freely disposable funding creates a margin of freedom for forward-looking projects.
Icon Young Researchers Fund
Create the best possible
conditions for young researchers.
Icon Hilfsfonds für Studierende
Help students in need complete their education.
Icon Fonds Wissenschaftliches Erbe
Preserve University exhibits, collections, buildings and gardens.
Icon Top Researchers Fund
Attract and retain top-notch national and international researchers.


There is a variety of other options if you want to empower the future of Heidelberg University. We are looking forward to your sponsoring idea, your requests regarding a support of a specific project, institute etc. at Heidelberg University, e.g. through a bequest or an inheritance. On the following pages, we have put together some information and examples. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Icon Ihre Stiftungsidee
Implement your own ideas on a larger scale – from a traditional one-time donation to setting up an endowment fund.
Icon Universität bedenken
Help shaping the University through your support long after you are gone.


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