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There are two different ways of supporting Heidelberg University by either making an endowment contribution to the RCH Foundation Close
The Ruperto Carola Heidelberg Foundation (RCH Foundation) is a dependent foundation within the university’s corporate assets. The thematic funds created as part of the campaign are also held by this foundation. This makes it possible for the RCH Foundation to accept donations for immediate use as well as donations to its capital reserve which means free as well as earmarked endowment contributions.
or by making a donation. The type of contribution also depends on the intended support. For instance, it is only possible to make an endowment contribution to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund whilst in the case of the Scientific Heritage Fund, one can choose between making a donation or an endowment contribution. Learn more about these two types of giving with the help of the explanations given below.




Endowment (for investing)

With an endowment, you strengthen the foundation of one or more funding initiatives and enable Heidelberg University to sustainably meet the goals of the fund out of its annual income. One good example is the Future Fund. Endowments provide special tax benefits.


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Donation (for expenditure)

With a traditional donation, you contribute directly and immediately to a specific funding initiative of Heidelberg University. Such donations are especially suited to near-term projects (e.g. construction or renovations) or funds (e.g. Young Researchers Fund) whose work requires ongoing support.


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You want to support Heidelberg University by making a donation or an endowment contribution? Get inspired by our various thematic funds. If your field of interest is not listed, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advice and support you in order to find the best options for your donation or your sponsoring idea.

Of course, you can also make a donation online.

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