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The Division for Foundations and Assets provides expert assistance in all matters regarding your financial support from the very beginning. On the following pages you will learn more about the various ways of giving as well as the substance and goals of current projects. Besides, we will be happy to answer all your questions regarding donations and endowments.


Ways of giving
The spectrum ranges from donations for construction projects, scholarship programs as well as conferences, among others, to endowment contributions to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund, for instance.

Supporting thematic funds
The thematic funds which will remain in place even after the campaign has concluded are considered to be a special offer to our supporters who identify with the respective topics and wish to support them jointly with other donors.

Your sponsoring idea
An individual financial commitment can take many different forms, such as setting up a foundation or fund within the university’s corporate assets in order to support the university in general or directly fund a specific idea, project or programme.

You can also support Heidelberg University by leaving a bequest. If you want, you can of course set priorities.


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