Ruperto Carola Future Fund

  • Ruperto Carola Future Fund
    Heidelberg alumni in the U.S. support the future of their alma mater

  • Ruperto Carola Future Fund
    Creating opportunity for action

The increasing globalisation of our society leads to an ever more intense competition for the brightest minds and talents. But attracting outstanding researchers means offering them a highly appealing, inspiring working environment; attracting the best students and doctoral candidates means guaranteeing excellent study conditions and comprehensive guidance and support.

The university needs funds that enable it to act quickly and flexibly in order to
  • create opportunity for action to tackle future requirements and challenges
  • strengthen its position, both on the national and international level

Endowment contributions to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund make sure its capital reserve keeps growing. The annual proceeds can be used to for any caused deemed necessary, permanently and sustainably. 

+++ Freely disposable funding creates a margin of freedom for forward-looking projects. +++
Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Bernhard Eitel

"With your endowment contribution to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund, you support recurrent proceeds which can be used by the University depending on the needs. This is a great opportunity to make a lasting contribution."

Prof. Dr Dr h. c. Bernhard Eitel,
Rector of Heidelberg University

Why we support the Ruperto Carola Future Fund

Get to know some of our supporters of the Ruperto Carola Future Fund. They will tell you how Heidelberg has influenced their lives, inform you about their special relationship with Heidelberg University and why they think it is worth supporting Heidelberg University’s research and teaching.

A. Pichota
"I studied Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg from 1991 to 1997 and the wonderful experiences I have made there have set the foundation for a life long journey in learning more about the world around us. I consider it my academic birthplace – a great institution that has formed me in so many ways and sparked my deep love for science and knowledge. My personal donations are given with great affection to support my alma mater, its administration, faculty and students, to continue to inspire future generations."

Arkadius Pichota
Zukunft stiften

"We, personally, consider it a privilge to be alumni of Heidelberg University. We give to the university because we want to give back and say ?thank you' in any way we can."

Kathleen Lance and Hans Decker,
Heidelberg University Association
J. Chytry
"It is a great pleasure to support the University of Heidelberg in its pioneer role as the first and most prominent university of the German lands. My year 1969-1970 as a graduate philosophy student at Heidelberg was one of the most important in the development of my knowledge of German intellectual history, thanks in part to the presence there of a stellar group of thinkers that included Hans-Georg Gadamer and Karl Loewith. Heidelberg continues to be a major force in philosophical thinking today and I remain grateful for the opportunity to have enjoyed its many qualities, virtues, and unexcelled beauties."
Josef Chytry

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